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Vue Storefront 1.1.0 released

Vue Storefront 1.1.0 released

Today Divante announced the release of Vue Storefront 1.1.0. The release took place shortly after the 1.0 release, as the store frontend for Progressive Web Apps is developing dynamically.

Vue Storefront is an all-in-one front-end that enables online stores to act as Progressive Web Apps without any changes in the backend platform. It gives any eCommerce the possibility to become a storefront for both web and mobile with a native-like mobile experience.

Key new features of Vue Storefront v 1.1.0

In version 1.1.0 Vue Storefront hes been enriched with few really cool features:

  • - Added PM2 process manager [#1162]

    - Offline mode Push Notification support [#1348, #1122, #1317]

  • - Added billing data phone number support [#1338]

  • - PoC of API refactoring for the cart module [#1316]

  • - Production ready Docker config for vue-storefront-api

  • - Magento CMS support [#1328]

  • - Prices incl. tax support (Magento setting)

  • To check it out visit: https://demo.vuestorefront.io/


  • Get engaged in Vue Storefront

  • The growth of Vue Storefront is possible thanks to a vast community engaged in its development. Last week, the Vue Storefront project crossed over 2.1K stars on Github and became TOP#2 daily on Product Hunt. It is developed by a community of over 440 developers on Slack Community and 52 active contributors!

  • Join dedicated events:

    July, 18th -  Vue Storefront Hangouts Session with Core developer team. Click here to join us on Slack!

  • August, 3rd - Vue Storefront Hackathon with Snow.dog - official partner and key core-contributor to Vue Storefront.



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