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Why is a PWA solution the best choice for eCommerce?

PWAs and eCommerce go together like peanut butter and jelly. With the majority of web traffic coming from mobile devices, developing
a PWA will let you tap into that massive audience and provide the same native app-like experience to all your customers. What can you expect? According to Google, eCommerce businesses making the change to a PWA usually see a 20% jump in revenue.


Online retail marketplace

By developing a PWA within your eCommerce, you can:

  • Improve product discovery. Customers can browse your products quickly and make a purchase even if they’re offline.
  • Increase mobile conversion. Seamlessly convert users from social media.
  • Boost uptime. A PWA prevents crashes and slowdowns during intense shopping days like Black Friday.
  • Stay ROI positive. Your investment starts to bring a return in just four months.
  • Increase marketing ROI. PWAs allow you can create a consistent user experience on multiple touchpoints
  • Deliver a seamless purchase path. While shopping, your customer won't even notice if they have no connection.


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How will a custom PWA help your business grow?

Progressive web apps are the best of both worlds. They combine the top features of traditional websites along with native mobile apps to give your eCommerce customers exactly what they need. An eCommerce site built with PWAs provides a clear path for increasing customer engagement and revenue. Here’s how:


Rank higher

PWAs rank higher on Google even when used on desktop.


Save on development

Build your storefront once, and run it on any device.


Easy access

Customers can save your site to their home screen.


Always available

Customers can access your store even with no internet connection.


Increase conversion

Decreased page loading time means instantly engaged customers and lower bounce rate.


Keep in touch

Stay in contact with customers, upsell, and increase loyalty with push notifications.

Why is Divante the right choice to develop your progressive web app solution?


We have been working with leading global companies since 2008, and PWA development services are an important part of many of these projects. As a top-of-mind progressive web app development company, we always take a client-oriented approach and create a customized PWA solution.


We leverage a cutting-edge technology stack with modern JS, microservices, and headless architecture. This allows us to develop custom PWA solutions in both young, dynamic businesses as well as for well-established, complex enterprise clients. We’ve also developed ready-to-use PWA solutions like:

spartacus logo

SAP Spartacus

We’re core contributors to SAP Spartacus

vue storefront logo

Vue Storefront

We’re the creators of Vue Storefront, an open-source, headless PWA storefront.

storefront cloud logo

Storefront Cloud

A mobile-first eCommerce platform for enterprise use.


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The PWA development process at Divante

Whenever you are ready to implement a PWA or want to test it out, our eCommerce experts will help you go through the entire process from gathering requirements to going live.

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    ▪ Scoping session
    ▪ PWA workshops
  • 2


    ▪ Kick-off meeting
    ▪ Product analysis
  • 3


    ▪ PWA technology
    ▪ Proof of concept
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    ▪ Design & development

    ▪ Integrations

    ▪ Quality testing


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    Go live

    ▪ Secure data migration

    ▪ Secure PWA launch

Whatever you decide on, we’re ready to develop a PWA
for your specific business needs

Reach out to us to discuss the possibilities.


Close the mobile gap


Yes, the growth in mobile traffic is extreme, but conversion rates are still low and account for just 16% of total conversions. This difference between the high engagement but low conversion on mobile, “the mobile gap,” provides a big opportunity to naturally increase conversions. Developing a PWA for your eCommerce storefront is one of the quickest way
to bridge this divide.





PWA case studies

These real-life success stories were delivered by Divante. They present how a progressive web app can unlock the potential of your market.

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Unified PWA front end for legacy back ends

Blog-La-Nature@2x (1)


eCommerce with 1 seconds loading
time on mobile

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Using PWAs to engage with Instagrammers


Why does eCommerce need PWA?

The main goal for every eCommerce is to sell and deliver to its customers the best possible experience. The headless approach is currently a must-have to achieve this. It means separating the front-end and back-end parts. 

Choosing the PWA for the front-end layer in the headless platform means a consistent visual layer for the customer on both the web and app sides. The incomparable load speed and user-friendliness of PWA revolutionize the modern eCommerce world. If your business wants to stay competitive you should thoroughly consider PWA.

Why is PWA the future of eCommerce?

Gartner predicts that PWA will replace 50% of mobile apps by 2020. They’re faster than the native apps, responsive, easier to load, and provide a better customer experience. PWAs are the future of multi-platform headless development. They have all functionalities of native apps, but they are accessible through all devices and can reach more customers.

What is custom PWA development?

Divante is an eCommerce company with over 12 years of experience in PWA development. With 1000 completed projects in our portfolio, we know that each business needs an individual approach. In our projects, we use the potential of headless architecture, microservices, and modern JS. This mix of the latest technologies and processes allows us to work for companies with different needs and deliver tailor-made solutions.

How to run PWA?

As a first step, we recommend using the contact form to set up a meeting with our eCommerce consultant Zelimir Gusak. Let’s get to know each other better and talk about your idea and expectations.



Zelimir Gusak
E-Commerce Consultant at Divante


A teacher by profession, Consultant by choice, Zelimir spent a fair portion of his career in IT. He was introduced to eCommerce 5 years ago through the Magento world. Currently working as an eComm Consultant in Divante PWA practice. Keen on technology and the ways it influences everyday life. An avid sportsman and dedicated foodie.


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Who uses PWAs?

Progressive Web Apps use such big and well-known eCommerce like:

  • AliExpress
  • Alibaba
  • Amazon
  • OLX
  • Lancome

And much more.

You can check some of our case studies here

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