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Technical PWA Project Manager

66 - 99 PLN/h net + VAT (B2B)
8 370 - 12 560 PLN GROSS 


Business Development Manager

23-39 PLN/h net+VAT+commission(B2B)
2 930 - 5 050 PLN GROSS


DevOps Engineer

72- 99 PLN/h net + VAT (B2B)


Senior Vue.js Developer

66 - 99 PLN/h net + VAT (B2B)
8 370 - 12 560 PLN GROSS


Angular Developer

53 - 105 PLN/h net+VAT (B2B)
6 700 - 13 400 PLN GROSS


Frontend Developer

46 - 72 PLN/h net + VAT (B2B)
5 860 - 9 210 PLN GROSS


Lead PHP Developer

72 - 105 PLN/h net + VAT (B2B)
9 210 - 13 400 PLN GROSS

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We have your application and you should have received a confirmation e-mail from us. The recruiter who is responsible for this recruitment process is checking your CV. All you have to do now is wait for us to call (if we are a match as we wrote in confirmation e-mail).


OK, so we really want to talk to you. We are going to ask you a few questions. All we need is about 15 minutes of your time and a few answers like your motivation and expectations.


It is time for a task prepared by our specialists. You have 3 days to complete it. Basically, you need less time, but we want you to organize your work on your own. We respect your free time! Note: if you have a portfolio or a sample of your code, you are more than welcome to share it with us. In that case, we can skip the task.


It is the best opportunity to meet each other. Our interview takes about one hour. We invite you to visit our office or, if you are interested in remote work, we can meet you online (via Skype or Hangouts).


After the interview (which is the last step of our recruitment process) you will not wait longer than 2 weeks for our final decision. We will give you a call or send you an e-mail with our offer. Feel free to ask questions - we are happy to help.



Mentor's support

Our onboarding lasts 3 months to make sure you integrate smoothly.

Flexible hours

We offer flexible hours - you organize your time to work efficiently.

Remote work

Working from home is not a problem, it's an option.

Knowledge sharing

We organize internal trainings to let you gain and improve your skills.

Industry events

Stay up to date with the newest solutions and technologies.

Flat structure

Easy and direct contact with anyone, at anytime. Starting from the CEO.

Personal development

Develop your personal brand within the company.

Ideas matter

Pursue your ideas and create amazing things!

English classes

Participate in English classes with native speakers held at our office.

Multisport card

Stay in shape with a Multisport card.

Life insuarance

Benefit from our complex life insurance offer.


We offer dedicated health program for you and your family.

Integration events

Winter and summer parties bring us all together.

Modern office

Cosy rooms with air cleaners guaranteed.

Refer a Friend

Refer a friend and get financial award.


We support employees’ engagement and initiatives.

Bike parking & shower

Keep it fresh and clean after morning cycle.

Foods and treats

Enjoy company breakfast, fruits, snacks and sweets.

Coffee and tea

Unlimited amounts of coffee and tea on every floor and Divante Caffe.

Chill room

Chill room with darts, xbox console and table football.


We co-finance coworking space for remote positions

Relocation package

We will help you to come and work with us!

More benefits



Natalia Urbańska

HR Director

Aleksandra Kieleczawa

Senior HR Specialist

Przemysław Wolski

Recruitment Team Leader / HR Specialist

Alicja Wójtowicz

EB Specialist

Katarzyna Pawłowicz

Junior IT Recruiter

Karolina Bauer

Junior IT Recruiter

Anna Temporale

Junior IT Recruiter

Weronika Reniszyn

Junior HR Specialist