eCommerce solutions for present and future leaders

Divante is a global eCommerce solutions, experimentation, and thought leader.
Our team of 350+ experts empowers eCommerce for both the B2B and B2C segments,
working with companies like Bosch, SAP, W.EG Wurth or Axel Johnson International.

Our mission

We’ve had an open-source mindset from day one. It’s the essence of who we are. We’ve built solutions for world-leading eCommerce companies and developed our own products that have grown beyond even our core business. No longer just a software house, Divante is an eCommerce Technology Company. We stand among the leaders of the eCommerce industry as a top-of-mind partner for trends and transformative change.

Divante has a bold ambition: to globally influence eCommerce and to move both the online and offline retail worlds forward. We achieve this through experimentation and implementing new technologies that others are afraid to adopt. We build communities around our passion and influence what is coming next. We do this because we believe that better eCommerce technology can help shape and improve the world of the future.



Open-source with global reach


Open-source with global reach



We are a leading, global eCommerce solution partner, headquartered in Poland, with more than 350 people on board. Our main business Partners are Magento, SAP, Shopware, Pimcore, Akeneo, commercetools, Vue.js, Symfony, to list just a few.

We believe in open-source. That's why we build vibrant communities of employees, contributors, clients, and advisors around our exceptional products and services.


This enables us to deliver projects quickly and in an agile way, giving our customers a competitive advantage. Our clients are present and future leaders in their industries; they all perceive technology as a key ingredient to the success of their companies.

Values we believe in



The drive to change eCommerce for the better. We work hard to take our people, our clients, and the world around us to the next level



A company with a unique vibe. Our ‘Divanisity’ is a combination of professionalism, team spirit and good humor that we also share with our clients.



Passionate about what's coming next. We don’t believe in novelty, we seek and utilize technologies that will shape the future. If we can’t find them, we build them.



A culture of teamwork. Integrity and empathy elevate our culture. We care for one another, and nothing changes as we grow. Our clients remain our partners

Management Board

Marcin Łaskawski

Chief Executive Officer

Piotr Maksim

Chief Revenue Officer

Management Team

Agnieszka Karpińska

Chief People Officer

Piotr Cisowski

Chief Financial Officer

Piotr Smereka

Chief Sales Officer

Sebastian Kajzer

Chief Marketing Officer

Artur Wala

Strategy & Innovation Director

Headless eCommerce partnerships

Being a headless eCommerce leader commits us to empower the global community and push API-first eCommerce forward. We do it together with numerous partners around the globe.

Commerce Tools

Premier Partner to deliver headless frontend technology that enables the launch of an enterprise-class commerce store faster than ever.

Akeneo logo

Bronze Partner to deliver the expected effects of projects quickly and in an agile way, making it easier for clients to gain a competitive advantage

mirakl-logo (1)

Partner to deliver marketplace projects that empower both B2B and B2C organizations to launch and grow an enterprise marketplace at scale


Partner to deliver the experience our consumers want with a composable, connected, and complete digital commerce platform.


Exclusive Technology Partnership to deliver world-class PWA frontend technology for Shopware 6.

VSF Primary@2x

Founder, core-contributor, and the largest services provider building mobile-first user experiences through Progressive Web Apps.


Strategic Partner and Core Contributor, author of custom solutions, features, and extensions, as well as a pimcore-magento integration.


Magento Solution Partner, and one of the biggest Magento Partners in Europe with dozens of in-house certified Magento 2 developers.


Voucherify is an API-first promotion and loyalty management platform for digital teams.

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