Use a headless video commerce platform to quickly digitalize your online B2B sales

Meetsales levels up your composable commerce environment with the power of video, automations, data analytics, and a one-of-a-kind customer experience. If your business is based on B2B purchases, this is your go-to solution.

What is Meetsales, and why is it relevant in remote-first sales?

Over the past couple of years, the market shift has been rapid and transformative. Consumer habits, sales practices, and overall expectations changed, so B2B sellers had to revise their strategies and approaches to doing business.

That’s why Meetsales was created. It’s the answer to the industry’s trends that clearly state both clients and salespeople want to do transactions in the digital realm rather than in-person. That’s not to mention that B2B customers expect solutions that can handle their specific online purchases with large product volumes, high prices, and recurring orders.


Based on MACH architecture, the Meetsales web app was built to be flexible and easily adaptable to enterprise sales processes. They usually consist of many sales reps with specific needs and an already established work system that requires optimization and a boost of productivity. A video conferencing tool that acts as an automated customer relationship management (CRM) system, a client base, a presentation tool, and an online store can complement such systems, fix the pains that haven’t been addressed yet, and help employees meet their KPIs.

Automated notifications, emails, and offer generation mean your team can spend more time doing the important part. For example, being in touch with clients, assisting them during the shopping process, and making sure they get the best possible customer experience. Since the platform is data-driven, managers also can focus on what matters: making decisions based on the collected information, improving the overall efficiency of the team, and increasing revenue.

What is Meetsales and why is it relevant in remote-first sales_

How can Divante help you implement Meetsales?

Our experience in commerce solutions for brands is something that makes us stand out. That’s why we partner with vendors that can offer real value to our clients. We believe that Meetsales is one of them. That’s why we’ve decided to collaborate with them and use their solution as a premade headless sales front end that can be adjusted to your current tech stack. This means you can use all the benefits mentioned above without a need to replace or rebuild the work system your team knows and loves.

Working with us on your B2B commerce project means you will get:

  • Know-how and expertise that will help you utilize Meetsales to make your company prosper.
  • Customization and integration support where we’ll take care of all technical aspects of implementing Meetsales for your brand. You will get a ready-to-use system configured according to your requirements.
  • Technical help so you can sleep well and not worry about errors or malfunctions because our team of specialists will fix them for you.

Can Meetsales be integrated with my current work ecosystem?

Thanks to being built with MACH principles in mind, Meetsales connects with other apps using APIs to compose an advanced environment for your sales team to thrive at their daily tasks.

Meetsales has built-in integrations with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Stripe, which is already a robust starter pack. That also makes it a great tool for new businesses and startups. However, the enhancement can go further with the following apps it can connect to:



Meetsales clients and their success stories

Companies trust Meetsales with their B2B sales operations. Read their case studies and testimonials to see how this solution changed their businesses.

Ellipse 1-1

Impel24-logo2 1

One of the Impel Group companies needed a B2B sales solution adjusted to their individual needs and compatible with the brand’s omnichannel strategy.

“We have been working on our online B2B sales for a while. Once we started the pilot with Meetsales, we understood how the right technology can support and optimize the online sales process and we knew that was it!” - Maciej Mora, eCommerce & Digitalization Director at Impel S.A.


Ellipse 1-1

Logo-redsnake-www 2

Red Snake, a Polish leader in the renewable energy sector, was looking for a platform to transform their old business ways into a modern, robust process.

“We were impressed by how fast Meetsales could be implemented in our organization. It’s easy to use and has a user-friendly interface, which makes sales work seamless and more efficient.” - Jakub Manicki, CEO at Red Snake

Check out how Meetsales looks on the inside!

How Divante can help you implement Meetsales__1
How Divante can help you implement Meetsales__2
How Divante can help you implement Meetsales__3
How Divante can help you implement Meetsales__4
How Divante can help you implement Meetsales__5

What value does Meetsales bring to the table?


time saved due to built-in automations


faster lead conversion rates


lower sales costs

Check out the explainer video to see how Meetsales works step by step:


Why should Divante be your Meetsales implementation partner?

With Divante, the process of introducing Meetsales into your company’s structure will be seamless. We have a few arguments that will definitely convince you that working with us is worth your time:

On the market for over 14 years

Broad expertise and experience with numerous businesses from various industries means we understand your needs and pains.

Our professionals will take care of your project and reshape it into a fully functional solution that will meet all your goals and become an integral part of your team’s daily work.

Working with top providers

For years we’ve been partnering up with the best vendors out there to ensure our clients receive the best possible results with what we deliver to them.

By doing this, we can optimize the cost and time to market in most of our projects and still deliver spectacular final products.

Straightforward collaboration rules

We are flexible when it comes to cooperating with our clients, but we encourage them to be an active part of the whole process.

Why? Because no one knows your business like you. Your knowledge about the market, competition, and audience will be priceless in the process of building your commerce solution.

Let’s discuss how Meetsales and Divante can change the way you sell!

Give your customers a unique experience in online, remote B2B sales. With Meetsales, it’s easy. Your team will appreciate how the platform improves their work, and you’ll gain access to all the tools and data you need to manage them even better. It’s a win-win situation!

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