We believe that applying the technologies of tomorrow in eCommerce is the way to move your online sales forward. From ideation to product release, we’ve mastered the design and development processes to build the technologies that others are not yet ready to touch.  

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What is DVNT?

 DVNT is the laboratory of innovations powered by Divante’s most creative, skilled, and bold eCommerce experts. It’s the environment for the discovery, design, and development of breakthrough eCommerce products. It is based on the experiences and values developed in Divante during the creation of our own products and solutions for global leaders, like Bosch, SAP or Staples. 

DVNT connects bold ideas with experienced teams to deliver groundbreaking solutions for early adopters.

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    Divante’s Innovation Lab, run as a fast and agile standalone unit, connects the drive and spirit of a small startup with a decade of collaborative experience.

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    We invite mentors from the relevant fields to work on each concept, in order to reach the best outcome possible.

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    Each concept is focused on solving a real business problem, and then tested against market expectations.

Let’s innovate together  

The lastest product and services concepts by DVNT

blog sales meeting hub

Sales Meeting Hub

Meet your clients on-line and sell via video meeting

blog potf

Pharmacy of the Future

Customer-centered online pharmacy concept

PIMSTAR cover Pimcore


Augmented Reality module for PIM systems

blog onebot

Sales Meeting Hub

Meet your clients on-line and sell via video meeting

blog emirates


Crypto wallet for Emirates Airlines

blog lidl


AI-powered mobile app for LIDL

blog pull and bear


Visual search concept for Pull&Bear


Our approach to innovations:

Following the Pareto principle, we focus on solving 80% of the main problems using only 20% of the workload. With this approach, we can iterate faster and focus on what is really neccassary:

  • Agility

    At DVNT, we have an agile mindset and fast-track the development process.

  • Design

    Each problem is different, so each solution is tailor-made to fit the business.

  • Open source

    We believe in open source and contribute whenever possible.


Building products and solutions with DVNT

Ready for what comes next? Our Innovation Lab is designed to provide the best environment for discovery, design, and development of breakthrough eCommerce products. We work in the SNAP methodology.

Here’s how it works:

  • 1


    Kick-off meeting



  • 2


    Lightning decision jam


    Drafting a final idea

  • 3


    Visualizing ideas

    Quick prototyping

  • 4


    Testing prototypes

    Feedback sessions

    Making a decision

Who will deliver your innovation?

  • Initiator

    Your representative responsible for coming up with the idea, becomes product owner at the end of the cycle

  • Designer

    Facilitating workshops and supporting the team in ideation during concept creation and design

  • Researcher

    Providing valuable insights and suggesting areas that might have a big influence on the outcome

  • BA

    Taking care of cohesiveness of whole system and providing support in the development area

  • Tech lead

    Planning tech development and keeping the project within the scope of technical possibilities

Trending technologies in the scope of DVNT team

  • icon AI

    Artificial Intelligence

  • icon voice

    Voice commerce

  • icon pwa

    Planned site improvements

  • icon AR

    Augmented Reality

  • icon iot

    Internet of Things

  • icon phone


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Born in the DVNT:

case study VS

Vue Storefront

Headless PWA for eCommerce

cases study OL

Open Loyalty

Innovative loyalty platform

case study SAP


PWA solution for SAP Commerce Cloud

case study SC

Storefront Cloud

Mobile-first eCommerce Platform Powering PWAs

case study SFUI

Storefront UI

The first Vue.js UI library dedicated to eCommerce



Voice eCommerce for Samsung

We’re developing with global leaders:

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