What is Onebot?

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Interactive, personalized modules

Interactive, replaceable modules appear depending on the user's needs and the personalized flow of conversation.
It's fully automated and works on top of the personalization engine.

AI-based conversational commerce

Conversational commerce can deliver a subtle push for the consumers to finish the purchase by reminding, offering a  discount, and finally, provide the commodity of making the payment within the chat channel.

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Chat is just the beginning

Individually modules appear not only in the chat window but also on various subpages of the online store - on the category page, product page, in search or checkout.

Create your own product configurator without a line of code

With OneBot, you can create a configurator yourself based on the features of your product from PIM system, also for non-technical people.

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Who is OneBot for?

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    • need guidance to their job
    • know what the problem is,  doesn't know how to solve it
    • need to be educated
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    • need business consulting services
    • they know exactly what products they’re looking for
    • they want the fastest, self-handled process possible

Benefits of using OneBot

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24/7 access

regardless of the time of day or the working hours of the human agents

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Complete self-service

clients can serve themselves during the whole customer journey


Guided shopping process

not only on product pages, but also in search, checkout or category pages

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Instant response & immediate feedback

allowing uninterrupted purchasing process

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Simplified internal decision-making process

ease of purchasing even in scattered teams and the various roles involved


Interactive conversation with hints

Natural Language Understanding technologies that speak the language of your customers

017-video chat

Right questions asked to narrow down the issue

OneBot learns along with your customer service agents and takes over their way of speaking and brand style

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Remembering customer data

starts the conversation depending on whether it is a new or returning customer and knows its specifications

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This is not our first product

OneBot is made by the folks at Divante. We have already done 4 world-class products, which you can read about in Tech Crunch, or see in Y Combinator.