SAP Spartacus: PWA front end for SAP Commerce.

Build a modern storefront and discover complementary services for SAP Composable Storefront with Divante.

We’re core contributors to SAP Spartacus

Divante started working with SAP Spartacus from its beginning in 2017. Knowing it inside and out, we can help you adapt it for your needs through a wide variety of Spartacus services.

Spartacus Demo

Check out the demo page built with SAP Composable Storefront and Commercebooster 

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About SAP Composable Storefront

What is this technology?

Spartacus is a lean, Angular-based JavaScript storefront for SAP Commerce Cloud.
It activates progressive web apps.

It’s a set of Angular libraries that allows for rapid PWA storefront development
for SAP Commerce.

Upgradable and Extendable

Designed to be upgradable
and maintain full extendability.

div_sap_lp_progresive (1)

Fully compliant with
PWA standards.

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Open source

Developed by SAP with huge community support.

div_sap_lp_modern (1)

Uses the latest technology to keep technical debt low.

Divante Sap Spartacus

Custom SAP Spartacus implementation

With Divante, you can get your own
SAP Composable Storefront. We can take you through the whole process from user experience research to product design, development, implementation, and training for your employees.

“It seemed that Vue Storefront, which we’d already published, was very aligned with SAP’s research and development work on a new commerce front end. We agreed to continue the work together and share our experiences.”

Piotr Karwatka, former CTO of Divante and Founder of Vue Storefront.

We built SAP Spartacus from scratch.

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