Spartacus Audit: Improve eCommerce performance and upskill your team.

Ensure that your SAP Composable Storefront is performing at the top of its game and take part in upskilling workshops with Mateusz Ostafil.

Let’s analyze your Spartacus storefront


If you’re not sure if your eCommerce uses all the benefits of the SAP Spartacus front end,
it’s the perfect opportunity to ask us for an audit. We know this revolutionary solution
inside and out and how powerful it can be when it comes to increasing conversion. 

We‘ll optimize your business to achieve constant growth with Spartacus and show you the ways
to maintain the highest level
of performance in the future.


The scope of the SAP Composable Storefront audit.

What do we check during the audit session? 

Best practices

Does your solution follow best practices?


How can we make it quicker and more efficient?

Code quality

Is the code clear and maintainable?

Search Engine Optimization

Is it SEO-friendly?



A full report covering all the previously mentioned areas that identify issues and the strong
parts of your Spartacus storefront. 

All issues have impact levels specified along with recommendations on how to resolve
them. There’s also a list of helpful resources.
At the end of the report, we provide
recommendations for the future
that are aligned with the SAP Spartacus roadmap.

The audit focuses on the past while the upskilling workshop is all about the future.

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SAP Spartacus upskilling workshops

We know that feedback alone is not enough to make your team experts in SAP Composable Storefront. That's why you can combine the audit with an upskilling workshop to quickly level them up.

The audit focuses on the past while the upskilling workshop is all about the future. It will help your team grow and make sure they can tackle any issues in order to make your Spartacus storefront top-notch. This full-day online workshop is based on the issues identified during the audit so that it’s tailored to your developers’ needs.


Why Divante?

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Core contributor to SAP Spartacus

Divante has been developing Spartacus alongside SAP for years. 

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The home of PWA

We're experienced in PWA technologies. In addition to Spartacus, we’ve developed other solutions such as Vue Storefront and Shopware PWA.

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eCommerce focus

We have over a decade of experience developing eCommerce platforms and solutions.

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To discuss the possibilities.

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