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Even Amazon entering the Polish market wasn’t able to threaten its position. Now, you can say that the Allegro empire strikes back. (...)"

Michał Kuzemko, Business Analyst at Divante

The eCommerce market is incredible right now. With easy access to the platforms, technologies, and low entry costs for B2C, it’s ridden with fierce competition. The latest trends breaking through the clutter are: (...)"

Sebastian Kajzer, Head of Marketing & Outreach at Divante

A smooth cooperation between project manager and developer is essential in building great projects. (...)"

Mateusz Ostafil, Spartacus Trainer at Divante

The day before this tragedy started, we were making routine SEO changes on the website for one of our clients. On the 24th of February, we saw a major drop in organic traffic. (...)"

Bartosz Czerniakowski, SEO Specialist at Divante