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A loyalty reward program for the oil & gas industry

Simple daily operations, new revenue streams, and multiple customer touchpoints.

We have worked for many clients. These are direct results


Revenue growth


Average order value


Customer lifetime value




"I'm a B2B and B2C CRM, Marketing, and Loyalty Manager with over seven years of experience in European markets. I was responsible for marketing and loyalty at BP, a multinational oil and gas company, as a Loyalty Manager for Poland. I can help you with your loyalty program."

Paweł Dziadkowiec, Open Loyalty

Fueling innovations that drive revenue

The upcoming years will transform the oil & gas industry, hitting it hard and cutting revenue streams. You want to pivot and adapt. We can help.

Group 32

An easy migration from legacy loyalty software

Limited by your current loyalty platform? We have the answer. Our software is easy on users yet heavy with features.

Group 31

A loyalty platform as a base for business digitalization and growth

Our solution enables scalability and opens up new technical and business opportunities.

Group 29

New revenue streams and an upper hand in the market

Our loyalty solution is the answer for new legislation, such as an upcoming crackdown on CO2 emissions, and the booming EV industry.


Group 28

Perfect for anticipating user needs

A quick implementation with the integration of features for different revenue streams, like EV energy, gastronomy, eCommerce, and click & collect, all under the reward program umbrella.


Features your customers will love

Group 39-2

Mobile app integration

Increased brand reach, touchpoints for integrations, and loyalty based on meaningful relationships and customer trust.

Group 41-2

Pre-ordering of products and services

Seamlessly pre-order, buy, and pay for gas, EV charging, products, and additional services.

Group 43-1

Click & collect

Customers can order products online and picking them up from a gas station shop or storage locker. Our loyalty program is a one-stop shop for upselling and cross-selling.

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Features your customers will love

A headless, API-first loyalty system

It's an easy and inexpensive integration with your stack and provides microservices-ready architecture and cloud infrastructure.

Loyalty management

An advanced, data-driven product and service promotion with customer engagement-driven features and a personalized user experience.

Breakthrough data analytics

Deep analytics and an incentive-driven loyalty program for increased customer lifetime value.

Quick ROI

Easy integration with your existing stack, pre-built blocks, ready-to-use tools, and infrastructure. Build your loyalty program in weeks, not months.

Strong and proven business partnerships

Open Loyalty, Voucherify, Talon.One. We hire the best, and we work with the best. A strong ecosystem for tangible business improvements.

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“That's when we sat down and said, “We've had two passes at loyalty. Both of them SaaS products, both of them products that we can't control, where we want to make updates to it and it's out of our hands. We came to the realization that we needed that ability for us to grow the business and for us to be able to compete. We needed to have a loyalty engine that we could extend [...] That’s how we landed on Open Loyalty.”

Timothy Miller, CTO of Drop Tank

Oil & gas industry case study

DropTank Header

Open Loyalty implementation enabled the handling of 300,000 daily transactions

Drop Tank is a leading loyalty service provider for major fuel brands and convenience stores based in the U.S. They wanted to update their system engine.

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 CRM, Marketing & Loyalty Manager (B2B/B2C) with over 7 years of experience in European markets. 21 years of experience as an BP employee.