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Vue Storefront success story

We invented Vue Storefront in 2016 and have been continuously developing the solution since then. 

Vue Storefront is the open-source frontend for any eCommerce, built with a PWA and headless approach, using a modern JS stack. It leverages modern technologies, like Vue.js and PWA, to build a mobile-first user experience. It integrates with Magento, commercetools, Shopware, and Shopify, to list just a few. The API approach allows to connect with leading CMS, Payments, and Search providers. Always Open Source on MIT license.

  • Challenge - Each year we observed the growing number of users migrating from desktop to mobile devices. In eCommerce world that was a serious threat, as most of the online selling platforms weren’t ready to onboard mobile users. The average online store needs 15.3 seconds to fully load on the mobile device. The users leave it after no more than 3 seconds. 
  • Solution -  Poor performance on mobile devices was about to hurt many businesses, and we set ourselves the task to avoid this catastrophe. The idea was to leverage modern technologies, like Vue.js and PWA, to help our partners build mobile-first user experience. The effects surpassed our expectations.
  • Starting point -  We wanted to answer all these needs, and so our R&D looked towards the latest technologies, which maybe were not yet ubiquitous, but more than promising.
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Project scope

  • Market analysis

    Market analysis

  • Prototyping


  • Proof of concept

    Proof of concept

  • MVP


  • Establishing the community

    Establishing the community

  • Open source & enterprise edition

    Open source & enterprise edition


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Headless Storefront on Vue.js



Working with global leaders for over 10 years gave us strong experience in the eCommerce environment, and we know that the growing number of mobile users is just a top of an iceberg. Along with our long-time experts, we run through the state of eCommerce and noticed that in order to win markets online stores must also improve UX, follow up changing user experience and entirely switch their approach. 

"We wanted to answer all these needs, and so our R&D looked towards the latest technologies, which maybe were not yet ubiquitous, but more than promising."

That’s when we spotted progressive web apps which seemed to be a perfect match to our needs. They were reliable, they were fast and they were engaging, but so far nobody used them for commerce. And so, we started to experiment with PWAs, leverage it to build a headless frontend, which could later be connected with any eCommerce platform. 

We started with React framework, but very soon our developers switched to Vue.js. This relatively young framework turned out to be way more flexible and easy to use. Working with it was simply much more fun. Very soon we presented the first prototype and tested it out with the Magento eCommerce platform. 


The results were stunning. Thanks to advanced caching and preloading techniques online store were loading faster than 0,5 seconds.





VS testimonial

“Working with Vue Storefront was like being one of the first men on Mars. Every day was exciting because we could really feel we were implementing something powerful and brand new."

Gabriele Conti Taguali, founder of Malianta




Open Source global reach



Vue Storefront was released in 2017. Since the technology that we used was rather innovative we decided to open it to the community and let others experiment with it. And the project skyrocketed. 


Everybody understood the possibilities that PWA gives - offline access, faster loading time and - on the other hand - super-fast development process. We started to work on integrations with other eCommerce platforms as well. Thanks to the community’s engagement, we can test and fix code in quite a short time and ensure full transparency of the solution. 


Today, Vue Storefront has over 100 active contributors and more than 30 official partners worldwide.

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    Github stars

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    Active contributors

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    Active partners

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Vue Storefront is a mobile-first eCommerce frontend that allows you to build super-fast eCommerce websites and apps without changing the backend platform. It enhances the best of modern web design and mobile devices capacities like push notifications, home-screen access, and full-screen mode. 


What’s more, thanks to the community engagement, you can enrich your Vue Storefront PWA with functionalities like PayPal Services, Voice Commerce or Chatbot Assistant. 


The solution has been trusted by over 80 companies which decided to implement it in their eCommerce platforms. 




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