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Premiere of the Storefront Cloud!

Premiere of the Storefront Cloud!

Storefront Cloud is now available. This mobile-first eCommerce platform is a powerful tool that supports merchants in creating an engaging user-experience across all devices.

The Storefront Cloud platform was presented for the very first time during Meet Magento New York, exactly a year after Vue Storefront’s premiere. It is a milestone for Vue Storefront that proves the project’s great value for mCommerce.

To simplify the scaling process required by business, Vue Storefront became a part of the one-stop integrated service: Storefront Cloud.

Mobile-first commerce platform

Storefront Cloud is a platform based on Vue Storefront, the leading PWA eCommerce framework developed by Divante and the open-source community. The platform provides online store users with a complex mobile and desktop eCommerce frontend that is connected with any existing eCommerce backend system (e.g. Magento, Pimcore).

Storefront Cloud allows you to use PWA and AMP technologies directly in your online stores and makes the experience faster and smoother for the client, especially on mobile devices. Moreover, due to the integrated Open Loyalty platform, merchants are provided with a whole set of tools for re-engaging users and managing all their touchpoints (offline and online).

Storefront Cloud is an eCommerce game changer

The Storefront Cloud platform is the answer to mobile commerce challenges. Retailers observe that mobile traffic and consumer time on mobile are much higher than on desktop - but desktop doesn’t match the conversion rates on mobile. Online stores are still too slow (~19 seconds load time on 3G) and problematic, falling short of mobile users’ expectations.

“Progressive Web App (PWA) and Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) standards - introduced by Google, and currently getting traction, can be a game changer in this situation. A native-like user experience and page loading times < 1s can increase conversion rates by 30-50% and more.” - Patryk Piątek, Storefront Cloud co-founder

Storefront Cloud provides PWA and AMP tools to optimize eCommerce performance on mobile devices. Another missed opportunity is low customer engagement.

“Having the 360deg. view of the customer and using carefully-crafted marketing communication and triggers can establish a whole new recurring revenue stream for a business” - Piotr Karwatka, CTO and co-founder of Divante.

Thanks to the integration with Open Loyalty, Storefront Cloud is a one-stop solution to optimize eCommerce (incl. conversion rate, page speed, and user engagement). Business owners can measure performance of their eCommerce and the positive revenue change generated with Storefront Cloud with a special calculator.

Unlimited scalability of Storefront Cloud

The scalability of Storefront Cloud is unlimited and the scale is tailored by the Cloud Team to the client’s traffic and sales. The Storefront Cloud stack is built on Kubernetes. It’s based on microservices and headless architecture using Amazon Web Services (like Cloudfront). The platform also uses Fastly, ElasticSearch and other cloud services to provide the required scalability and speed.

Storefront Cloud doesn’t require any changes in the existing eCommerce platform.


The Storefront Cloud users are provided with a full access to the Vue Storefront and Open Loyalty solutions, Storefront Cloud Help Center, and a set of Command Line tools for managing the Kubernetes cluster as well as the code deployments and staging environments. The platform is a ready-to-use toolbox to prepare a customized user experience tailored to industry and customer habits.

Learn more about Storefront Cloud features and pricing at https://www.storefrontcloud.io/



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