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Divante presents Vue Storefront 1.0 and new partners

Divante presents Vue Storefront 1.0 and new partners

Almost a year ago, Divante began a great adventure with Progressive Web Apps by proposing an eCommerce PWA frontend. Vue Storefront has been accepted with community engagement. Now, the community is presenting the newest Vue Storefront version 1.0 and its new community members.

PWA for any eCommerce

Vue Storefront is a solution for any eCommerce wishing to implement Progressive Web Apps in their business strategy. PWAs are ultra-fast web pages that act as mobile apps. They are fast, reliable, and engaging, and thus excellently suited to building a unique user experience with the mobile-first approach.

Divante made it easy for any eCommerce to implement a PWA in a very short time. Vue Storefront has been developed as a standalone, headless frontend platform. This means that it can be used through the API with any eCommerce platform (Magento, Prestashop or any other).

Vue Storefront 1.0 release

The last 3 months have brought many improvements to Vue Storefront. Finally, in May 2018, the stable release of Vue Storefront, version 1.0, was released.

The 1.0 version has been enriched with key new features such as multistore management tools, product bundling, and user-configurable options among others. Version 1.0 has Webpack4 support and fully supports Magento 2 features.

> Full list of Vue Storefront 1.0 key features

Despite its short history, Vue Storefront has already been implemented in eCommerce. Vue Storefront’s partners presented new case studies for La Nature jewelry store and Special’s fashion store.

La Nature jewelry store

New community members

Vue Storefront is, and always will be, open source. Its fast development has been possible thanks to its vibrant community and contributors across the world. There are over 400 devs in 18 timezones working on Vue Storefront.

What's more, in the last couple of months Edmonds Commerce, get_noticed, Imagination Media, kt-team, Magebit and Novatize have become Vue Storefront partners.


Learn more about Vue Storefront:

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