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Divante joins Shopware community as an official Solution Partner

Divante joins Shopware community as an official Solution Partner

Along with becoming a Shopware Solution Partner, Divante launched a new offer of implementation of Shopware solutions, including the next-generation eCommerce platform Shopware 6 and Shopware PWA.

Although this announcement is fresh, the cooperation between Divante and Shopware began last year when the companies began collaboration on Progressive Web Apps solutions dedicated to Shopware 6. 

“PWA enables our clients to focus on customer experience whilst leveraging Shopware’s headless capabilities. It is a crucial step with regard to opening up to new business concepts and technologies at the same time.” - Dominic Klein, Technical Architect at Shopware

Progressive Web Apps are the modern standard for mobile solutions that enable the development of ultrafast and offline-ready apps and webpages. It is strongly supported by global giants including Google, Apple, and Microsoft, and has become an important factor in Google's Mobile-First Indexing

Divante has been working with PWA technology since its beginnings. The company is the initiator and core contributor to Vue Storefront, the most popular open-source PWA frontend solution available on the market. With its extensive PWA experience, Divante started working on a PWA solution dedicated to the Shopware 6 platform. And so, Shopware PWA was launched in September 2019. 

"The strategic partnership between Shopware and Vue Storefront resulted in creating a Shopware PWA which is a dedicated headless frontend for Shopware 6. Shopware 6 shifted heavily to focus on an API-first approach and creating amazing headless architecture. By combining this with a headless PWA frontend, we created an all-in-one platform that will meet the expectations of any merchant that wants to make a safe pick for years." - Patrick Friday, CEO of Vue Storefront

Now eCommerce companies wanting to implement Shopware PWA or set up their online stores on the flexible and easy-to-use Shopware 6 can do it with Divante, acknowledged as a Shopware Solution Partner. 

See the full offer of Shopware 6 and Shopware PWA development. 

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