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Cooperation with Praktiker

Agata Młodawska
Cooperation with Praktiker

Cooperation with Praktiker - successful complex e-commerce

Divante’s companies widen the scope of cooperation with Praktiker Polska, following the effective realization of branding campaign and increasing e-sales.

Recommendation engine and e-mail marketing

Our cooperation with Praktiker started from implementing Quartic, a recommendation system, in the e-store Praktiker.pl. Next, recommendations were connected to e-mail marketing by Sendingo, which resulted in very high efficiency indicators. The share of e-mail marketing in the total income generated by the online channel reached 11,45%. The value of a visit prompted by e-mail marketing increased by 51,01% compared to an average visit.

Unique product descriptions

Simultaneously, as a pilot project, Divante prepared dedicated and original product descriptions for all the items sold in Praktiker.pl. Only within a month since the first descriptions had been published, the Google search traffic oriented at certain keywords increased by 120%. Sales of products with new, unique descriptions tripled.  Additionally, 33% of total sales come from SEO. Currently, Divante continues to deliver a set of dedicated product descriptions for the key products each month.

Complex e-marketing

The above successes encouraged both companies to widen the scope of cooperation with a continuous service as regards online marketing campaigns. Ideacto interactive agency supports e-marketing communication based on the character of Maciek Gajwer.

Ideacto is responsible for e-marketing and social media marketing:

Mobile catalogue and ad papers

Next step was to make it possible for each user to read the catalogue and the ad paper:

  • online – website, newsletter
  • mobile – mobile devices (tablets, smartphones – which is new on the Polish market)

A complex care of preparation, technology and development of the application was taken by Sendingo. At the moment, the paper and the catalogues can be reached via 7 channels – WWW, mobile, tablet, e-mail, RSS, Facebook and Google+.

The client’s note. Looking good!

"In my opinion, there are two basic things that differ Divante from other partners that I have worked with before.

First of all: passion. The people who I’ve had a pleasure to work with are experts in the field of both Polish and international e-commerce, always looking for new tools, trends and the best examples.

What is more – and this is another thing that I appreciate so much  – they are eager to share their knowledge and passion, with full engagement, to help companies like Praktiker develop their online retail channels.

But most importantly, everything is planned to achieve the final goal – i.e. increase of sales and the return of investment. That is why for me, working with Divante follows the „win-win” model. They know that their client’s success is their own success, too." – Krzysztof Włodarczak, E-marketing Manager, Praktiker

Next steps – synergy and multiple channels

We know that in the Home & Garden industry, the Internet influences over 50% of purchase decisions made offline. This is why we focus on exploring the ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline) effect for Praktiker, with its 25 markets in 21 Polish cities. And the e-store Praktiker.pl will be a natural place to find information for the consumers, searching for building and renovating materials both in the traditional and online channels. - Marek Górecki, e-Commerce Advisor in Divante

Praktiker.pl, which has been functioning for over a year, has already become a mature e-commerce channel. So now we look on its key aspects in the “multichannel” context, to help it continuously grow and lead on the market.

Agata Młodawska

Agata Młodawska

Content Marketing Manager at