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Conversion rate increased 46 % for Intersport

Agata Młodawska
Conversion rate increased 46 % for Intersport

The INTERSPORT is one of the biggest retailer of branded sports equipment. Divante took care of one of the already existing e-stores.

We performed usability tests which were the basis to propose modifications. We thoroughly tested the current store design to distinguish the good points that work on the market from the weaknesses and lacks that shall be fixed in the first place.

While analyzing the industry, we followed the unique e-commerce values. The most important were:

  1. reliability of  brand;
  2. broad offer of branded products, including own brands;
  3. detailed product presentation;
  4. simple way of purchase.

Exemplary modifications

Home page

The crucial aspect of the home page was the menu which was re-designed together with the whole information architecture. The horizontal bookmark menu allowed for increasing accessibility of the two levels of categorization.


We filled the header of the store with the most important information, from the big logo and contact through conventional login and registration elements, to search box and a very useful drop-down cart.

Product page

Two layouts of a product page – horizontal and standard – allowed for effective presentation of all the product types. To maximize the ROPO effect, we designed a very intuitive element verifying accessibility in stationary stores. Besides, we introduced clear announcements about accessibility and free pick-up in store.

User path

When designing the user path, we concentrated on the simplicity of purchasing items in the store. We cut down the number of steps, simplified the choice of payment model, as well as delivery and personal pick-up variants. A big group of  customer is predominantly concerned with time-saving and does not always want to be bound with the store. For this group, we introduced registration-free shopping – the element that had been previously lacking. Additionally, we wanted to make sure that the users would learn about the profits from registration which could convince them to create accounts. This element was given a deep though and entered into the registration form.

Navigation by brand

Many customers preferred to browse the whole offer of a chosen brand. To make it easier for them, we placed a clear logotypes’ rotator in the footer.

New mechanisms in store

The members of loyalty program can use coupons. To simplify the process, a logged-in user only has to pick the coupon from the list. The information about free delivery appears next to the choice of the delivery type – in the right place and at the right time.

Business effects

  • Conversion increased by 46.21%.
  • Page views per visit increased by 21.24%.

Complete case-study you can find at Slideshare.


Agata Młodawska

Agata Młodawska

Content Marketing Manager at