Build relationships. Close deals.

Meetsales is a digital solution that increase sales without disrupting existing processes. It puts an interactive shopping cart directly into a video call.

  • Requires minimal training, no extra effort, and no compromises
  • Enhances the human relationships you’ve already built with clients
  • Begins digital transformation in your company by digitalizing your product catalog in a single click

Digital transformation, speed, and engagement. Check how meet sales can affect your company.

Show products, discuss prices, and complete orders.

Visiting customers takes time, money, and effort.

Meetsales allows sales to meet clients online, show products, discuss prices, and close orders directly in a video call.

It doesn't replace your experienced sales team with faceless technology, it rather allows your people to show the best face of your business even during remote interactions and helps salespeople hit higher targets.

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“Almost 90 percent of sales have moved to a conversational commerce model. More than half believe this is equally or more effective than sales models used before COVID-19”

Benefits of Meetsales


Easy to onboard

Start in 24 hours without needing to change internal sales processes or assign new roles within the organization.

Enable digitalization

Enable digitalization

Deliver a new customer experience and start digital transformation. Introduce your clients to a more modern version of your business. 

Boost sales

Boost sales

Propose and suggest new products and upgrades with a digital product catalog and cart. Be transparent and close more deals. 

New sales channel

New sales channel

Take advantage of technology and open up a new sales channel and revenue stream in times of more remote contact. 

Build Relationships

Build Relationships

Adapt to extraordinary times and continue to build great B2B relations with your partners and clients remotely. 

Intuitive tehcnology

Intuitive tehcnology

Easily add items to the cart, modify offers and accept them live with the clients. The system has been designed to facilitate the work of sales reps. 

Activate digital sales and energize your team

Meetsales is a conversational commerce system which fully integrates with any PIM (Product Information Management) system so sales reps can guide clients through the whole product catalog. The ability to place orders directly in the call makes Meetsales the closest thing to a face-to-face handshake deal. It’s simple to use, and provides a new sales channel.

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"Meetsales can be the first step towards a larger digital transformation or just a brilliant tool that reactivates the sales team and allows managers to analyze and measure their results."

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Check how meetsales can impact you business and improve revenue