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Divante has become a Premier Partner of commercetools

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We're proud to announce that we’ve extended our partnership with commercetools by becoming a Premier Partner. It’s the highest tier in commercetools' Partner Program.

Premier level partners have demonstrated a commitment to developing a long-term relationship with commercetools and have built a substantial commercetools-related practice. Partner requirements at this level are higher than the previous level, but there are also considerable benefits. 

We believe that the switch from monolithic to headless architecture should be made with the leading digital commerce platform. That's why we choose commercetools to partner with. We aim for the best back end for Vue Storefront, that was invented at Divante, to offer comprehensive eCommerce development. 

The shift to B2B commerce going online is an ample opportunity but a challenge as well. Our goal is to transform this segment to digital with best-of-breed enterprise solutions with commercetools as its core. As fans of the whole MACH approach as the correct pattern for building flexible, easy-to-scale, and future-proof digital commerce, we look at this as a long-term relationship. 

Visit our commercetools solutions page or read about commercetools’ reference architecture in our free eBook.

Published February 4, 2021