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Cloudflight and GoWide form strategic partnership for SAP composable storefront outsourcing

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Cloudflight, a leading digital transformation company, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with GoWide (formerly HybrisWorld), an esteemed technology solutions provider with extensive experience in various technologies, including SAP. This collaboration aims to enhance the back-end development capabilities of SAP Hybris projects through the exchange of expertise and knowledge.

The partnership's primary focus is on SAP composable storefront, formerly Spartacus, an open-source JavaScript storefront for SAP Commerce Cloud. GoWide, known for its proficiency in SAP and various technologies, will provide valuable support to Cloudflight in back-end development for SAP Hybris projects. Their expertise in this domain will empower Cloudflight to deliver scalable and robust solutions to their clients.  

In return, Cloudflight will leverage its extensive experience in SAP composable storefront to support GoWide in delivering exceptional user experiences and advanced functionalities. As an established leader in digital transformation, Cloudflight has a proven track record in developing innovative eCommerce solutions. By sharing their SAP composable storefront experience, Cloudflight will help GoWide offer cutting-edge solutions that exceed client expectations.

“My team is laser-focused on SAP Spartacus (composable storefront), which allows us to deliver high-quality storefront solutions. However, we're not able to deliver end-to-end SAP Commerce solutions alone," that's why I'm excited that we’re joining forces with GoWide.”

Mateusz Ostafil, Technology Evangelist at Cloudflight

Both Cloudflight and GoWide share a common goal of providing exceptional services and driving digital transformation in the industry. Through this partnership, the companies will collaborate closely, share best practices, and leverage their collective strengths to deliver superior results to clients. 

“We are excited by the opportunity to closely partner with Cloudflight. We see the partnership as mutually complementary and essential to accelerating our joint growth plans, both locally and in Europe. Our combined capabilities, expertise, and offerings are unique in the market.”

Stuart O’Neill, Managing Director at GoWide

The partnership between Cloudflight and GoWide creates an environment of collaboration and innovation that will foster growth and drive customer success. By leveraging their collective resources and expertise, both companies are poised to set new benchmarks in the industry.  

About Cloudflight

Cloudflight is one of the leading full-service providers for industrial digital transformation in Europe. Around 1,000 visionary IT strategists, consultants, data scientists, cloud specialists, and excellent software architects help enterprises to take their digitalization to the next level. Cloudflight's expertise includes artificial intelligence, cloud applications and operations, embedded software development, human-machine interface design, cognitive systems, and global eCommerce solutions for B2B and B2C customers. Cloudflight delivers scalable, flexible custom software to be implemented quickly and seamlessly by qualified IT specialists. Customers benefit from a quick return on investment, a future-proof technology stack, and a significant gain in operational efficiency.

About GoWide

GoWide (formerly HybrisWorld) is a technology solutions provider with extensive experience in various technologies, including SAP. With a team of experienced professionals, GoWide specializes in back-end development and delivers tailored solutions to clients across industries. Committed to driving innovation and excellence, GoWide enables businesses to leverage technology for growth and success.

Published July 28, 2023