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Divante and Pyxis announce joining forces

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Divante and Pyxis have established a partnership to increase capacity in delivering enterprise-level SAP projects. With a complimentary technology stack and expertise, they can cover both the front and back end of complex eCommerce platforms.

Both companies have extensive experience in SAP projects. Divante is a core contributor of SAP Spartacus and works directly with the SAP team. Pyxis has nearly a decade of expertise working with the Hybris and commerce cloud environment. 

We quickly realized that we can do much more together by joining our forces on our clients’ projects. The aim is to combine our experience and expertise and provide our clients with a joint force that is able to provide a full end-to-end solution,” said Zelimir Gusak, the eCommerce consultant at Divante. “This way, we are staying very much aligned with the whole best-of-breed paradigm that is already fully ingrained with the headless movement”

“Our successes are not built alone. They are only possible due to great partnerships and shared vision. The world of eCommerce is very dynamic, and changes are happening faster than one can anticipate or keep up with, so you can never do it alone, and having the right partner along this journey is key. Only then can we deliver truly personalized experiences for our clients,”

Alejandro Mateo, Managing Director of Pyxis CX. 


SAP Spartacus is a revolutionary solution on the market that provides a presentation layer for SAP Commerce Cloud. With a headless progressive web app (PWA) approach, it brings both the performance as well as customer experience (CX) to a higher level. 

This cooperation significantly increases their capacity to launch large-scale enterprise eCommerce solutions. Based on their experience, both companies are aware of the changing eCommerce environment and that they can support their customers with best-class services and quality. 

About Pyxis 
Pyxis is an agency founded in 2009, in Uruguay, by a group of friends who shared the same vision of helping businesses keep pace with the changing world of technologies. A few years later, the same company has become an ecosystem of over 10 units with over 350 people on board. In the industry, they have a strong position as an SAP Silver partner and provide CX solutions globally.

About Divante
Divante is a global leader in eCommerce PWAs. Since 2017, they have been a core contributor to SAP Spartacus storefront and were looking for a solid partner to develop comprehensive systems for businesses based on SAP Commerce Cloud technology.

Published November 10, 2021