Is Technical PWA Project Manager in Divante the job for you?

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Interesting projects for well-known global brands, a lot of freedom, cooperating with industry experts. Sound like a dream job? Let’s see how the work of a Technical PWA Project Manager in Divante looks. 

What does a Technical PWA Project Manager do?

People have different understandings of what a Technical PWA Project Manager does. We will try to explain it using the example of Divante, a company that is a PWA expert on the market.

A Technical PWA Project Manager’s at Divante’s main task is to take care of the process in such a way as to bring the project to a specific point and at the appropriate quality (MVP). This is one of the first steps and most crucial steps during cooperation with a client.

Such a person is also responsible for understanding the client’s needs and leading the project to meet their expectations. It means working on a roadmap, managing budgets and risk, and working through the backlog with the team to maximize the value to be delivered in a given amount of time. Building a long-term relationship with a client is also very important and leads to higher satisfaction, as shown by the net promoter score (NPS). 

The ideal Technical PWA PM is someone who understands technology

PWA technology itself is relatively young, so there are not many experienced Technical PWA Project Managers.  

At Divante, we don’t expect someone with vast experience in PWA. In our PWA tribe, there are relatively few strictly PWA projects. They are often R&D projects in which you have to build a product. It is usually built in a headless architecture, so we use API and build frontend applications. It is always a project at the junction of R&D, such as custom development with one foot in the eCommerce domain, but these are often quite unusual projects.

Piotr Karwatka, CTO at Divante

An ideal Technical PWA Project Manager understands the software development process, is not afraid of the technical details, and can quickly drop the PWA technology. Such a person focuses on the product and must be deep into the details. 

In the framework of product development and project implementation based on PWA, knowledge of PWA alone is not crucial at the start. PWA can be learned and we will be happy to help you with that. On the technical level, we don’t look for a programming background; we need people who understand the development process and operations. We also appreciate at least a basic knowledge of discovery. The candidate should understand how headless architecture works and what microservices are.

Rafał Makara, Chief Digital Officer at Divante

A Technical PWA PM in Divante does not have to write the code but has to talk to the customers about it sensibly.

Rafał Makara, Chief Digital Officer at Divante

A Technical PWA PM should look beyond Jira and Excel

The difficulty of the role of a Technical PWA PM is that it’s not enough for all the tasks in Jira to be green and the budget to be tight. This is important but it does not guarantee that we will provide the client with good software. 

Some Project Managers look at projects mostly from the perspective of their records in Excel. In Divante, a Technical PWA PM is someone who can go beyond that, taking a comprehensive look at the project and weighing the risks against technical aspects. A PM must be interested in this technology but also have fun working with it—as well as with the people who create it.

When I was doing a project with developers, I liked to sit next to them, watch what they release, test it together, and feel comfortable working. I love it when they explain how and why things work. I wouldn’t be able to program it myself but I can be of more service to the end product with a greater level of understanding

Ola Kurzeja, Head of PWA at Divante

Customers are sometimes entirely non-technical, which is when the Project Manager has to take technical matters off the table and talk about business benefits and use cases. However, there is no hard and fast rule and many clients are very technically oriented. 

Ola Kurzeja, Head of PWA at Divante

Specialists on the customer side can have very high technical and product competences. Most of our customers have strong engineering teams on their side and also deal with software development. If you can think in one of these two ways (engineering or product), you will have worthy partners for discussion

Rafał Makara

The role is demanding and requires someone with commitment who has an eye for details. It’s also a great long-term opportunity for the right person.

It’s a tremendous chance for rapid career development

Working as a Technical PWA Project Manager at Divante is an excellent chance for rapid career development. It’s a rare opportunity to take extensive ownership over projects and their direction.

Divante works a bit like an idea incubator. That’s our strong point. If you are a person who wants to develop and try new things, then Divante is an excellent environment for you. You can create new projects under safe conditions without risking your capital. You can work with the most prominent players on the market and on interesting global projects which are usually not found in small companies. You can also work with the latest technologies. Divante is an eCommerce Technology Company, not a software house: during the client meeting, instead of scrupulously recording what we are supposed to do on his behalf, we discuss what can be achieved and point out specific solutions that might be implemented to get to reach that goal. We’re global influencers, who bring the maturing and stability of a company that has been on the market over a decade, but we still have the advantages of a startup, such as speed, agility, creativity, and a great atmosphere. 

Piotr Karwatka
Piotr Karwatka, CTO at Divante

A Technical PWA Project Manager has a lot of freedom at work, as well as the possibility of making decisions. When you show your competences, you’ll find that you receive a great deal of trust and support from clients and colleagues alike. 

Divante is an expert in eCommerce and PWA technology, working for large, well-known brands, like Marc O’Polo, Levi Strauss, Tally Weijl, and Lampenwelt, to mention a few. As a Technical PWA Project Manager in Divante, you will be involved in projects for such companies. 

For example, MARC O’POLO started its digital transformation process towards headless architecture. This is an enormous change that any eCommerce needs to tackle with thorough preparation and the support of experienced teams. The main goal of the project is to migrate the whole website in all the markets into a single Vue.js-based PWA frontend, which is tightly integrated with the ABOUT YOU Cloud—the platform of choice for MARC O’POLO. 

Working on projects like this adds experience to any resume. A Technical PWA Project Manager can cooperate with the best in the industry and positively impact the world of eCommerce.

Sounds like a job for you? Divante is recruiting

If this description looks interesting to you, Divante is looking for a Technical PWA Project Manager. 

We want to enter the new commercetools technology and we need someone to take care of it. We also have projects based on VSF, and dedicated cloud-first Javascript projects where we take responsibility mainly for the frontend and cooperate with API.

Piotr Karwatka

Divante works in a tribal model. The Technical PWA Project Manager will usually lead teams of 4-6 people (Developers, QAs, and Analysts) that work in Agile and Scrum. However, the working model is generally up to the PM and the team. Divante also works in a transparent and responsible process with its clients, aiming to deliver value to the business. You will always know what to do but not always how… and that is where a great person can make all the difference.

We are looking for a Technical PWA Project Manager. A person who has built something or has been involved in making some projects. It could be a project for a client or it could be a startup or a product. It’s about the experience of creating something from scratch. If somebody only has experience in maintenance projects or in a big corporation, Divante offers a chance to do things differently and have greater responsibility. In short, you influence what you build. 

Piotr Karwatka

Do you want to shape the world of mobile commerce with Divante? Check our offer or just drop us a message

Published August 4, 2020