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Divante takes an important role in the digital transformation of Marc O'Polo

Divante takes an important role in the digital transformation of Marc O'Polo

Divante has been focusing on API-based solutions and working in the headless approach for some years already. Vue Storefront—an open-source eCommerce PWA solution developed by Divante—is perhaps the best example of a modern eCommerce solution built in the API-first approach.

MARC O’POLO, an international fashion brand, started its digital transformation process towards headless architecture. This is an enormous change that any eCommerce needs to tackle with thorough preparation and the support of experienced teams. That's why MARC O’POLO decided to engage Divante experts, including frontend architects, engineers, and the founders of Vue Storefront.

“For the relaunch of our new omnichannel commerce platform for b2c and b2b with Vue and headless architecture, we were searching for a fast and dynamic baseline to save time and costs. In Divante, we found the right partner to collaborate with our developers and build a solution based on Vue Storefront Next that perfectly fits MARC O’POLO and supports the Open Source community as well” - Matthias Zielezny, Head of Software Development MARC O’POLO

 “Like the usual organizational forms around the various distribution channels in the fashion industry, the IT systems were also set up around the respective distribution channels. Everything was supplied with its own master data and its own content units maintained in different CMS systems; reductions and promotions were laboriously duplicated. This should soon be a thing of the past; a unified eCommerce without restrictions is our future.” - Steffen Sandner, Director of Digital Intelligence MARC O’POLO

The main goal of the project is to migrate the whole website in all the markets into a single Vue.js-based PWA frontend which is tightly integrated with the ABOUT YOU Cloud—the platform of choice for MARC O’POLO. At the same time, MARC O’POLO and Divante have committed to creating and publishing a general-purpose, open-source connector for the ABOUT YOU Cloud platform. 

“With the flexible API-first systems of the ABOUT YOU Cloud, we can implement innovative omnichannel use cases for MARC O’POLO, in which we too will benefit from Marc O'Polo's offline experience. We will continue to demonstrate the flexibility and performance of our systems.” - Sebastian Betz, co-founder, and co-CEO of ABOUT YOU.

With the Vue Storefront Next architecture, the focus has been put on building optimized frontends dedicated to modern, headless eCommerce platforms. The new architecture lets the users leverage all the features, performance, and complexity the platforms offer.

“ABOUT YOU Cloud architecture and the API are truly top-notch. The MARC O’POLO Digital team is one of the best teams we’ve worked with, and not only in regard to experience and technical expertise. They truly believe in open source.” - Piotr Karwatka, CTO of Divante, founder of Vue Storefront

You can track the progress of the Vue Storefront Next and ABOUT YOU integration in our official Github repository.

“I’m pretty sure this three-party partnership we’ve just started will end up with a great case study and great open-source product. It’s a classic win-win-win situation.” - Piotr Karwatka.

Learn more about MARC O'POLO, ABOUT YOU, Divante, and Vue Storefront.



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