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The quality of your product data can make or break your eCommerce

While your eCommerce grows, the management of your product data gets more difficult. The old ways of dealing with that problem become obsolete because the data in spreadsheets and emails get outdated and confused all the time.


You need a proper data engine to take care of the consistency, quality, and delivery of your product information.

Product information management (PIM) platforms are specialized software that can be plugged into your eCommerce architecture. They solve all kinds of issues with the data and cut out the mundane manual work.

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Unlock growth potential for your eCommerce

A PIM system acts as a single source of data for all your eCommerce.

It allows you to:

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Automate your data processes

Automation prevents your team from burning out on mundane, error-prone tasks.

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Achieve top quality data

For international companies, superior data quality can be a major advantage over the competition. 

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Get full data consistency

With PIM, you can share consistent data across online catalogs, eCommerce systems, and marketplaces.

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Easily enrich the data

You can leverage PIM to automatically enrich your product info and validate it.

PIM case studies

W.EG: Building a PIM solution for 9 companies from 6 countries


Seamless information flow within a unified PIM platform.
As a result of working with W.EG., we created an out-of-the-box solution. It combines the best data management practices with custom-made technology to deliver a system that works each and every time.


We managed to successfully provide a dedicated solution that allows for the free flow of information between nine different companies implemented in seven different languages. It runs seamlessly and improves day-to-day workflow in the whole organization.

wurth case
Number of data platforms connected 9
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Ground-breaking B2B marketplace for FMCG

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Pimcore-based product catalog

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B2B Digital Transformation

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PIM for 9 companies from 6 countries

Why Divante?

We're an official partner of Pimcore and Akeneo

We're a core contributor and strategic partner of Pimcore as well as a Bronze Partner of Akeneo. You can rely on our eCommerce development experience that we earned by delivering projects for over 400 global brands.


We also contributed to widely-known plugins, like Messaging System, Elasticsearch Support, and Workflow, and created the popular Pimcore-Magento connector.

Divante Pimcore strategic partner
Divante akeneo bronze partner

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Discover PIM innovations with us

PIM solutions are now more accessible than ever. You can equip it with a shop of any size to optimize the processes, save time, and prevent errors.


Let's discuss your business needs and how we can leverage PIM to make your eCommerce thrive.



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What is PIM?

Product information management (PIM) software is a virtual product catalog that contains all the data on your products. It lets you collect, manage, enrich, and distribute the data across multiple channels.

What is MDM?

Master data management (MDM) is a discipline combining business and IT for the data of enterprises. Its main goal is to achieve uniformity, accuracy, accountability, and consistency of the shared information.

What is DAM?

Digital asset management (DAM) focuses on digital media, like videos and images. It usually works on a single platform that unifies all the data and lets the company manage it from a single dashboard.

What is DXP?

Digital experience platform (DXP) is an enterprise solution, or a suite of products, that allows for managing the customer journey through all the digital channels. It leverages data to better segment the customers and personalize their experiences.