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Akeneo development company

From the initial idea to the final product, we can offer support in your Akeneo PIM project.

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Akeneo PIM is a global and flexible platform that helps merchants and brands deliver a compelling customer experience across all sales channels, including eCommerce, mobile, print, and retail points of sale.

It’s suitable for all organizations that want to take control of their product information in a multichannel environment. If you want to run your eCommerce business efficiently and with success, using Akeneo as your to-go solution will help you easily gather, manage, publish and share rich data about your products and services.

Akeneo is the best PIM solution for businesses because it can be implemented fast with low TCO. The out-of-the-box PIM system can also be customized to customer needs. SaaS, PaaS, and open-source versions are available. This means that teams are able to work together to manage product information efficiently, quickly, and accurately. Businesses can improve their customer experience by having accurate, up-to-date, and consistent products in every channel they use to sell.

Akeneo is a certified member of the MACH Alliance, which means it is a proven tech company that offers top, future-proof solutions.

What does Akeneo offer?

Akeneo offers a suite of tools to boost eCommerce growth. Creating, enriching, managing, and optimizing product catalogs was never so easy.

It’s a centralized software for all of your product information in one place, so you can quickly and easily update it when it’s needed. With Akeneo PIM, you can also create different views of your product catalog depending on the selling channel you're using. For example, if you're selling the same item through eBay and Amazon, you may have different content and images for each listing. Creating a custom view for each market means you can adjust your selling strategy and aim for multichannel success.

Another advantage of using Akeneo is exporting data to channels in the format most appropriate for them. The tool also helps with product classification by providing pre-defined attributes for things like color and size. This way you can achieve consistency and make your brand reliable, no matter which touchpoint your customer picks to interact with it. The platform also lets users add custom attributes or import existing ones from outside sources like Google Merchant Center or Facebook Catalog.

A plethora of solutions

Akeneo offers various types of features for many industries and types of vendors. This allows them to effectively target their sales goals and optimize their processes along the way. With Akeneo, you can create personalized shopping experiences that increase conversion rates, deliver marketing campaigns on time, and ensure brand consistency.

Excellent user interface

One of Akeneo’s strengths lies in its UI. It makes it easy to import and export products from and to the website. You can also manage multiple stores from a single dashboard. There are various settings that make it easy for you to control the data entry process. Thanks to its high usability and curated UX, Akeneo is picked by many vendors as their go-to platform.

Integration with partners

Is your team already using apps like Magento 2, Shopify, BigCommerce, or others? Integration with Akeneo will transform them into one system to gain control over your inventory. This powerful PIM-eCommerce combination means you can deliver the best possible customer experience no matter where you meet your potential customers.

Super-charged process

After Akeneo implementation, your team can basically take full control over the daily operations. The IT department doesn't have to be involved in the creation of product models, versions, and families. The entire ownership of product information and publication management is transferred to marketing or sales, which allows you to save money and speed up time to market.

Akeneo Key Capabilities


Collect Product Information

Easily and seamlessly gather product information in one single place.


Empower Teams

Enable your teams to better work together, break the silos and boost productivity and collaboration.


Manage Catalogs

Organize and structure your product information to create one single source of truth.


Master your data quality

Monitor and improve data quality, data accuracy & connectivity.


Publish Experiences

Seamlessly distribute your crafted product experiences and easily share them.


Akeneo versions

Platform as a Service (PaaS) gives you the ability to control and customize the application while Akeneo manages your infrastructure.

  • Can be customized
  • One major feature update per year

Software as a service (SaaS) means that Akeneo manages all infrastructure and maintenance of the application, including automatic upgrades and patches to the newest version.

  • Fully managed
  • Immediate access to new features
  • No customizations or configuration changes

Community Edition is an open-source Akeneo version that is forever free to use. It’s a perfect choice for companies that want to try a PXM solution.

Akeneo in numbers:


established enterprises use Akeneo


partners to ensure seamless integrations


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years on the market

Let's begin your Akeneo project


Why should Divante be your Akeneo partner?

Working with a seasoned business partner that has numerous IT experts on board? That’s exactly what we offer you.

On the market for over 14 years

For all this time, we’ve been building countless eCommerce and software solutions for our global clients. Our experience can be used to your advantage.

After-project support

We’re with you at all times. After the implementation of your Akeneo platform, we can help you with technical malfunctions and updates. We know Akeneo inside out, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Extensive knowledge of Akeneo

Divante has been building PIM-based solutions for years. We did numerous projects based on Akeneo for our clients. That’s why you can count on our know-how and experience.

Akeneo implementation process


The first stage is scoping session. It’s the initial phase of the project, where the client and our team meet up to collect and organize required documentation. If it’s required, we create a demo presentation to roughly show the product owner what could be done. The result of the session is a written summary that has to be accepted to propose the first budget and time estimation.


Next, it’s time for a discovery phase. Now we analyze everything we determined during the previous stage and shape it into an action plan for the production process. Creating epics/user stories is essential here to know exactly which features have to be done. Also, we can create a better estimation for the project. Last but not least, we pick the tech stack to create your product. Of course, the primary platform is Akeneo, but often we need more tools to create the outcome our client desires.


Now agile development starts. We know that sometimes preparations can take a lot of time, but this way we can eliminate most of the obstacles and difficulties before the code is produced. This phase consists of design, programming, code review, and quality assurance. All done in iterations to make sure we collect feedback as often as possible. With it, we can improve the process and the product itself. Agile is a perfect method for software development because it promotes communication, teamwork, and the expression of ideas and solutions.


The time has come to go live. Our journey is not finished though. Every high-quality solution expands with time and you need a trusted team of experts to update it, add new features, scale its possibilities, and fix bugs. We can continue our collaboration after release. You will gain access to a reliable partner that knows your solution inside out, which is crucial for your product’s growth.

Benefits of Akeneo

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Centralized information

With Akeneo PIM, businesses can update their products in real-time across all sales channels. This ensures that employees and partners consistently access accurate product information from a centralized source.

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Improved data quality

The system automatically checks for errors in data entry and missing information before publishing content. Thanks to Akeneo, companies don’t publish inaccurate or incomplete product descriptions on their sales channels.

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eCommerce superpowers

Automating the creation of product catalogs and digital assets means you save a lot of time and money. Then you can distribute this content in a multichannel environment to boost conversions. All that with one system that is really easy to use.

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