The long-awaited 3.0 Spartacus release is finally out!




The challenge


Adding modern technology to the existing solution



SAP Customer Experience is recognized as a leader by Gartner for Digital Commerce. The company aligns with the latest trends, and so it has decided to add Progressive Web Apps, technology promoted by Google and modern standard of the web development, to its flagship product - SAP Commerce Cloud. Thanks to PWA SAP could enrich their product with a native-app-like experience via standard web applications, including home screen installation, push notifications, offline mode and client-side caching. 

The challenging thing was how to connect is with the existing solution available within SAP Commerce Cloud. 







Project Goals

  • Number 1

    Headless frontend

    To provide the SAP developers with a headless frontend which could be easily upgraded with each new release

  • Number 2

    Modern JS frameworks

    To leverage PWA technology and modern JS frameworks to create an extendable code base which could be easily customized

  • Number 3


    To release it as an Open Source product and involve partners into further product development and into the adoption process.






The process


Power of interdisciplinary team 


SAP approached Divante at the end of 2017 as a leader in eCommerce-oriented Progressive Web Apps.


“It seemed that the Vue Storefront that we’d already published was very aligned with SAP’s R&D work on a new Commerce frontend. We agreed to continue the work together and share our experiences.“ - Piotr Karwatka, CTO of Divante, founder of Vue Storefrontsolution. 


Working together companies set the key project goals and created an interdisciplinary team to answer them all.  

In total the R&D team consisted of over 20 team members: 8 developers on Divante’s side and over 15 experts on SAP’s side. 

The speed and advancement of the process were ensured by a variety of experts, including a SCRUM Master, technical writer, frontend architect, frontend/backend developers and QA. The team spread over multiple locations in Europe and North America kept the pace of working and seamlessness of the communication by using Agile principles. 


  • sap knapik

    “It's good to see that creating Vue Storefront and the experience from other projects is helpful for developing SPARTACUS. Thanks to the PWA/Headless frontend approach, SPARTACUS is going to be a total game-changer for SAP end-users. It's been a great journey so far and it's just the beginning.”

    Kacper Knapik
    Team leader at Divante








Launching the alpha version 


This project, initiated by SAP and developed with Divante, soon gained strong codename: SPARTACUS, which uncovers powerful features hidden within it. Cooperation between SAP and Divante led to the initial release and announcement of SPARTACUS at SAP CX Live Barcelona in October 2018. 

SPARTACUS is a lean, Angular-based, fully decoupled JavaScript storefront that connects with SAP Commerce Cloud and potentially other services (CMS, Loyalty program, etc.) through the REST API.    

So far, SPARTACUS has been released in its alpha version under an Open Source license on Github. In its full version, the new Storefront framework will become available in 2019. 



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