Syrius Group – eCommerce StartUp of The Week

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Digital content seamlessly integrated with physical items, creating a completely new way of engaging customer – this is the main reason we loved Transparent Showcase by Syrius Group.

Company and product name?

Company name: Syrius Group
Product name: Transparent showcase

Where are you headquartered?

Syrius Group is located in Gdansk Science and Technology Park.

What does the company do?

We make innovative digital signage devices to help companies engage more customers and generate more profits. Our main product is the Transparent Showcase. It is an absolute breakthrough in the digital signage. It works as unconventional storefront especially in malls and stores. The display box is an enclosed showcase equipped with a transparent surface that can display multimedia content in front of items placed inside the unit. Digital content is seamlessly integrated with physical items, creating a completely new way of engaging customers, promoting products and providing information in a wide range of settings. A transparent LCD screen is de facto a story teller about the product that stands behind itself and it is always visible.

What is unique about the company?

We are creative and we love design. We believe that each project should not be only functional but also well done from an aesthetic point of view. Each project as well as each customer is unique and it needs a tailored approach to achieve success. This is why we only make custom made solutions both hardware and software. From this philosophy one of our greatest product was born – the Transparent Showcase.
Unlike the traditional digital signage means our Transparent Showcase displays more information about the advertised product and shows the physical product at the same time. Advertising a virtual and real object, which can be seen at the same time, is an extremely dynamic and effective promotional system. It creates a unique merchandising and exhibition solution. The future of retail space is with a Transparent Showcase that can be used to dramatically enhance kiosks, store windows and billboards with text and images that do fancy tricks such as rotating and fading in and out.

What have you learned from early versions of the product or service?

We started developing our first prototype back in 2013 and since then the final product has had many changes both the appearance and the electronic parts. What we learned mostly from our customers is the Transparent Showcase cannot be a standard product as each of them is unique and is expecting a tailored solution. We have been able to develop a customized product and to keep a low cost of production at the same time. Over the time we also adopted the latest and the most reliable technology available in the market in order to build a solid and long-lasting product.

Why does your company have high growth potential?

Our product is very good for the luxury, retail and fashion, cosmetics industries and public institutions such as museums. In general, the growth of the three first sectors in the next two years will reach about 17%. Museums will take advantages of the EU funds to get innovative equipment and renew their exhibitions which, in most of the cases, are quite old. In this scenario, our Transparent Showcase can play an essential role. It will help growing the engagement with the customer by increasing the interaction, so that will help generate higher profits. Both Companies and Museums will want to have the latest available technologies to attract customers and visitors. And this is exactly what our product do unlike the traditional digital signage means.

Who is a founder?

Ewelina and Alessandro Reina are the founders of Syrius Group. Alessandro is graduated in Computer Science Engineering while Ewelina in International Marketing Management. Both have also worked in the aerospace industry before deciding to establish Syrius Group in Poland.

Who are the company’s competitors?

The Transparent Showcase is not an easy-to-manufacture product and therefore the competition is very low. Our competitors are located abroad. One is CDS located in Great Britain and the other one is MMT a Germany based company. Both of them just make standard product with a low level of customization. Our product is fully customizable, from the finishing material to the color, from the shape to the depth. Furthermore, their showcases are not equipped with PCs but with media players. That provides to customers less chance to fully control the product over the Internet as the connection hardware is missing. Through the embedded PC, we also offer the possibility to add a wide range of sensors to increase the interaction level with the user. Lately we have added some proximity sensors to trigger an action while the customer is passing by or approaching the showcase.
Last but not least the price. We do offer more for less!

How do you plan to scale in the next 12 months?

We are planning to offer more interactivity to our customers and make the showcase an intelligent product that can understand the users’ feelings and respond accordingly.
We are also thinking to offer the Transparent Showcase with a leasing option in order to make the purchase process more attractive and spread the cost instead of a lump sum payment.

Published January 3, 2017