Things you should know about omnichannel in eCommerce

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Recently, the multichannel commerce concept has been transformed into omnichannel. Omnichannel guarantees the consistency of the service in every channel – from the land-based stores, through WWW and mobile to call centers.  From the customer’s perspective, there is only a single, technology-enabled channel that brings together all touchpoints.

The seller merges the customer-related information acquired in every channel into one, consistent solution. 8% of retail companies are planning to add a Chief Omnichannel Officer or SVP, EVP or Head of Omnichannel to the roles in the next 18 months.

In the Exclusive 2014 Surver Report: The Omnichannel Challenge: Strategies That Work, Oracle company asks the sellers about the best outcome of the omnichannel strategy implementation. The answers are as follows:

  •        Improved loyalty – 66%
  •        Increased brand interactions – 40%
  •        Increased basket size – 28%
  •        Improved customer service – 28%
  •        Improved supply chain efficiency – 13%

The comparison of the average size of an order, presented in the omnichannel opportunity report, is especially interesting. Unlocking the power of the connected consumer, Deloitte, 2014.

Omni Channel

Nowadays, the omnichannel strategies are being introduced by all retailers. For instance, at American Eagle Outfitters, a customer may bring their phone into the store, scan a barcode and compare various offers in real-time. As Chief Digital Officer Joe Megibow explained, if they decide to order, it is up to the retail associate to recognize the online order being placed in the store, and to fulfill that order in person.

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Published May 13, 2015