Magento 2.1 and … that’s not the final word!

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Recently, Tom has written a great blog post about Magento Community vs. Enterprise differences. I agree with it in 100%.

But I’ll tell you what, today at Magento Live UK 2016 I’ve heard one – smashing argument about Enterprise Edition. It was something like: “Choose it because the current version isn’t our final word”.

Paying license fee you are getting access to all new updates free of charge. As with Magento 1, the development roadmap wasn’t somehow unclear and sometimes… surprising – it works completely different in Magento 2.1.

I think it’s one of the reasons why Magento will finally defeat opponents like Hybris. Later this week version 2.1 will be available – as was introduced on Magento Imagine, no month earlier or later. They started keeping to the schedule but what’s most important they started adding really cool features to each edition.

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New version not only comes with fixes to all discovered critical issues but also gives you support for Elastic Search, introduces improved Code Migration Tool (to Migrate M1 modules to M2), new PayPal features (like saved credit cards and context Checkout).

With 2.2 there are planned B2B features. I can say that Magento is now one of the fastest (if not the fastest) developing eCommerce platforms. If you combine this core development with new tools added by technology partners you get everything needed even for complex stores.

Events like Magento Live UK shows how active Magento partners are. I’ve spoken with providers like Bronto, Nosto, Dotmailer, eBizmart POS,… All tools proven by Magento Engineers. The community is as active as never before and Magento team is constantly working to help partners develop professional, enterprise-grade tools. It’s hard to find such active software eco-system in eCommerce

Why choose Enterprise? Because current version is in small part what you will get in the next 12 months.

Published June 22, 2016