Why should you invest in eCommerce for your B2B?

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Tomasz Karwatka

Supervisory Board Member at Divante. Leading industry voice who believes eCommerce can improve our world. Co-founder of Vue Storefront and Open Loyalty, angel investor, and founder of Tech To The Rescue. CoFounder at Catch The Tornado eCommerce Startup Studio

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B2B is the hottest eCommerce area right now. Nearly 30% of today’s B2B buyers make at least half of their purchases online. This will nearly double to 56% by 2017. I believe this is the main reason, but not the only.

Nearly 75% of B2B buyers claim buying from an e-commerce site is more convenient that buying from a sales rep. It isn’t surprising – even in a medium-seized company it is hard to teach every sales rep about all the product nuances. It’s common that customers know more about a specific product group than a sales rep. This causes irritation on both sides and can affect your conversion rate.

In general, giving your customers additional sales channels is always a good idea. 60% of B2B companies report that their B2B buyers spend more when interacting with multiple channels. Omnichannel B2B customers are also more likely to become repeat and long-term customers.

If you already are in B2B or only about to start B2B activities, this is the best time to embrace the eCommerce opportunity for your company. The list of technologies is long and sometimes it’s hard to estimate, which of them would be the best for your business. And, what is even more important, the most profitable.

The recent Forrester research study investigated technologies that B2B companies are eager to invest in:

  • Automated pricing optimization – 62%
  • Personalized recommendations – 56%
  • Use of wearable computing in distribution centers – 49%
  • Sensors in shipments/products – 46%
  • Robots/automation in distribution center/supply chain – 34%
  • Shopping cart abandonment analysis – 32%

This could be a kind of roadmap for the market. We can confirm it, basing on our experience – we are currently working with the most experienced B2B companies on improving the retention of clients through BigData analysis and dedicated personalized recommendations. Automated pricing optimization is the next big thing we want to pursue.

If you want to know more about eCommerce solutions for B2B, you can download ‘How to become successful‘ whitepaper. We based it on the expertise we’ve got from a number of B2B projects and generalized it to find the golden rules of B2B eCommerce.


Published April 4, 2016