Which eCommerce open source software package should I get?

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The selection of an e-shop software is a decision with which you will have to live for some time. The more you invest in the development, the harder it will be to change the decision. Below, you will find those based on an open-source platform that we are able to recommend to you with a clear conscience.

Our recommendations are based on many years of experience in implementing eCommerce for medium and large companies, including ourself.


With more than 6 million downloads, this is the most popular eCommerce plugin addition for WordPress.

When to use: If you want to add the basic eCommerce functions to your website, blog, or service content.

What to watch out for: WordPress as well as its plugins can not replace an eCommerce platform when the SKU number and orders will start to grow. You will also have to make sure to check for updates, frequently.


Popular software in Europe. A comprehensive catalog of functions that will run even an advanced shop with multiplication, multilingual and multi-currency, and the physical and digital products.

When to use: If you want to quickly run a smaller store and if your requirements match with the functions offered by PrestaShop.

What to watch out for: The software is not very flexible when it comes to the possibility of extension. Major changes may hinder the transfer of the code to another developer.

Magento Community

It’s the most popular eCommerce platform when it comes to large stores. It competes with commercial solutions like IBM, Hybris and ATG.

When to Use: Medium and large eCommerce projects, requiring a flexible approach.

What to watch out for: Attention should be paid to optimization of the engine and the hosting for efficient operation. Less experienced developers can have difficulties with maintaining the speed of the expansion of the software.

What is your experience with these platforms? Do you use a different one? Share your opinion! Or contact us for personalized advice! 

Published October 5, 2015