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Implement Shopware 6 with Divante and unlock new technological value in just a few days.

Why choose Shopware?

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Customer experience

With the increase in mobile users, progressive web apps (PWAs) are becoming more relevant than ever. The Shopware PWA and its powerful native content management system (CMS) provides a new level of managing visual experiences. By using the Shopware PWA, you’ll get an improved shopping experience and better search engine results.

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Short time to market

Shopware enables companies to deploy a store in a short time because of out-of-the-box features and ready-to-use plug-ins. Development is also easier when compared to other eCommerce platforms.

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Cost effective

As opposed to other eCommerce platforms, Shopware offers many features and functionalities at affordable prices to prepare a unique shopping experience.

Why should Divante be your Shopware development company?

Shopware partnership

We have a partnership with Shopware. Our developers belong to the Shopware community, and we’re in contact with the Shopware Polska community.

We’re with you at all times.

After the implementation of your Shopware platform, we can help you with the maintenance of the system and updates. We provide service level agreements (SLA) to let you sleep in peace.

Shopware is just one technology in our portfolio.

We also implement product information management (PIM) systems and storefront applications, including, among others, Shopware PWA, Vue Storefront, and Open Loyalty as our loyalty application. Our Product Design Team will prepare your design and, together with front-end developers, take care of every detail of your platform.

We’ve gained a great deal of experience with Shopware.

Over the years, we’ve created a few Shopware-based stores in different industries, including furniture, cosmetics, and industry.


Benefits of Shopware

Enhanced content management capabilities

Shopware Shopping Experiences and CMS extensions offer flexibility in building tailored content and customer experiences. Freedom in the Shopping Experiences back end provides the flexibility to address the emotional aspects of online shopping.

Shopware PWA

Using the Shopware PWA, you’re able to enjoy all the benefits of native apps while taking advantage of PWA features, such as push notifications, offline browsing, and increased page speed. Each of these features impacts commerce performance, engagement, and conversion, and they can help provide a significant increase in revenue.

Rule builder

By defining rules, different offers can be sent based on a specific customer or product characteristics. In addition, content can be displayed or hidden accordingly. Shopware's Rule Builder makes targeting customers with complex and nested rules easier to understand. With its intuitive user interface, it’s easy to map even complex processes.

Is Shopware the right platform for your business?

An ecosystem that we build around eCommerce

Shopware is just one of the elements of a complete system that allows you to manage an online business fully. It always depends on the scale and needs, but often around Shopware, there are:

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP): The heart of the entire system. It’s necessarily integrated with Shopware.
  • Marketing tools and services: All kinds of external tools and services to better understand and reach customers.
  • PIM: For projects where enriching the content of products is a task for several people who distribute them to several channels, PIM will be a beneficial tool. In addition to integrating with Shopware, our services include preparing and customizing PIM for clients.
  • Front end: Can be a good, known responsive web design or a separate, modern application. PWA and headless? Do you know these terms? We do, too!
  • Fully scalable hosting solution: Includes complete monitoring, SLA, and backups.

Integrations aren’t everything. Once implemented, the store will need care, development, and updating. These services are our daily work. Security updates, new functionalities, and graphic design are permanent elements of our high-quality care for customers’ stores.

Shopware implementation process


We begin with a scoping session to determine what has to be done. Before that, we, along with the client, prepare all required materials and documentation. Sometimes, our team prepares a demo to present during this initial meeting. After the session, we prepare a written summary, and we provide a rough estimation of the project when it's accepted.

We can skip this step if the client has prepared a good RFP or other forms of project specification.


Then we proceed with the discovery phase. We review the documentation and prepare the production process with all the required stages. We create epics/user stories that reflect every feature of the product. A more detailed estimation of delivery is now possible. We also pick suitable modules for the Shopware eCommerce platform. Besides the main project, we add some integrations or third-party solutions to achieve the client’s goals.


It’s time for Agile development. All the previous steps were necessary to ensure our team could work productively and efficiently. Now, we proceed with design, programming, code review, and quality assurance in iterations. We ask for feedback along the way to make sure the project is going in the right direction. Agile is a methodology that offers excellent results thanks to constant communication, teamwork, and reflection on past activities to improve the project scope as it progresses.


Going live is now possible. However, that doesn’t mean that the work is over. Further development, scaling, and updates are very much ongoing. We know that a high-quality product is constantly growing and improving. That’s why we offer our support post-release. Our team also provides technical help to fix potential malfunctions quickly and support you in developing new features.

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