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Pimcore-based CMS shortened time to market

LOVI is a leading European baby products and accessories brand. While beginning the global expansion of rather demanding products, the company was in need of a flexible online platform suited to setting up over 20 sites that could be adjusted to various markets and cultures. The answer was Pimcore.


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Why were we asked to help?

Selecting a multisite platform


Growing almost as fast as their users, LOVI was in urgent need of a new platform that could match the brand’s rapid development.

The future platform had to be flexible, easy to scale, and adjustable to various markets’ specifics.

"First of all, our old system couldn't provide multiple language versions, and its variants couldn't be adjusted to geographical or cultural regions. In the case of baby products, this can be crucial for business. Secondly, the existing user interface and user experience didn't respond to the way that modern customers consume information." Stefan Mazurek, eCommerce Manager at LOVI.

The company decided to move on from their old custom system that wasn’t adapted to their business needs and inhibited the development and introduction of new functionalities. LOVI invited Divante to partner with them and lead the process of technological transition. The cooperation started in 2017.


The project's goals:

  • Build a flexible and scalable online platform.
  • Provide multiple language versions.
  • Adjust various sites to multiple geographical and cultural region specifics.
  • Create a modern user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

After analysis of the brand’s new business needs, the companies decided to use a product information management (PIM) system and content management system (CMS) in this implementation that would be delivered by Pimcore. LOVI’s product base has over 1 million records and Pimcore was the best solution to handle all product-related data without any problems. Pimcore’s PIM system was the best option to organize and distribute LOVI's digital assets.

In addition, the Pimcore CMS module is flexible and enables quick and independent editing by the people responsible for the brand's communication. The system also enables the quick and efficient creation of various language versions. This was extremely important in the case of LOVI because the company wished to develop multiple sites consisting of separate domains in different languages.


How did we tackle the tech?

Migration to Pimcore CMS

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Within the project, Divante was responsible for the entire migration process. It started with a pre-implementation analysis so LOVI's needs could be translated into appropriate system functionalities. Next, new front ends for the website were designed on the basis of graphics provided by the brand, and all the necessary integrations were made. 

"The biggest advantage of the new LOVI platform is ease of use. As an eCommerce company, we delivered all the necessary modules and features. The client uses them to build the whole system exactly as they need to." Marta Borowiec-Salwa, Project Manager at Divante

The website is based on the latest version of the Pimcore software. The team works in a continuous integration model, which means that developers integrate code into a shared repository up to several times a day. This model has one basic advantage which is that there is significantly less backtracking to discover where things went wrong so you can spend more time building features.


What did we achieve?

Strong brand and community

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The effect of the work is a LOVI site with multiple languages that is constantly growing thanks to subsequent language versions and services targeted at young mothers. In the end, the whole service is to be available in over 40 languages.

The biggest challenge is in the cultural differences, such as those between European and Arabic cultures. The approach to infant care in each country can vary a lot. LOVI respects this diversity in every aspect and adjusts its services and communication accordingly. Luckily, Pimcore’s PIM system is flexible enough to serve different content, including text, images, and video, for any version of the site.

On the website, users will find a wide variety of products with complete information that can be easily filtered. Aside from product descriptions, LOVI presents useful information and practical tools. Future parents will find a pregnancy calendar with information and advice, a parenting calendar, a breastfeeding course, and help in case of problems related to breastfeeding.

Any of these features can be launched separately on each website version according to the maturity of the market or engagement of the local community. By doing this, LOVI can stimulate growth in new markets by fully supporting existing communities. In some cases, activities on the brand's forum can generate more than 400,000 unique visits to a site.

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The project's effects:

  • Transferred the LOVI brand to a new, flexible, and scalable Pimcore-based platform.

  • Shortened the time to market and engaged local entities in the process.

  • Provided LOVI's team with an independent tool for building a consistent global brand identity.

  • Provided the possibility of serving content and enabling features adjusted to the market's specifics. 

  • Implemented a new UX compatible with current trends and customer expectations.

  • Allowed for the flexibility to extend the platform by implementing additional mechanisms or third-party extensions.


What does the future hold?

Implementing a PIM solution on a large scale

Since the project is a typical multisite system, the company can expand LOVI’s platform with new domains, languages, and features.

Having a platform with all these basic features allows LOVI to enter and expand new markets. Additionally, their time to market is shorter. Local entities and partners can fully participate in this process.

While learning new market specifics, the basic webpage can be enriched with additional features adjusted to the needs of local customers. This could be a tips module that allows parents to share their experiences and evaluate the advice of others, a module for testing new products, a rating or opinion system, or a special forum for young mothers.

A Pimcore-based CMS can also be extended at any time by implementing additional mechanisms or third-party extensions. LOVI's new platform allows for anything that fits the local market's requirements or parents’ needs. It simplifies the buyer’s journey and, in the end, creates a strong and trusted brand identity. 

"What we enjoy the most is the elasticity and speed with which we can modify the new lovibaby.com and answer our customers' expectations. We can easily experiment with content or features and take what we learn to scale the best solutions globally. Pimcore’s PIM gave us technological independence." Kama Falandysz, Project Manager at LOVI.

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