Who runs SAP Spartacus? Part 2

Care to share?

In my last blog post, I’ve shown you three examples of SAP Spartacus Storefronts. Now I’ll present you a couple more case studies.

How Razer used customized Spartacus implementation?

Razer SAP Spartacus implementation

Here’s something for all you gamers out there. The Razer store is using Spartacus 1.x. It is based on a B2cStorefrontModule but it also has a lot of custom components. Custom authentication as well as some SEO extensions were also implemented. I have to admit that the website has some glitches. The page sometimes does a full reload instead of so-called in-app navigation and you can encounter some small performance drops. However, these issues are rather minor and are not caused by Spartacus but by the custom code. Anyway, these things happen when adopting new technology and otherwise this site is a great example of a highly customized Spartacus Implementation.

First Spartacus implementation for Ethnicraft

Ethnicraft SAP Spartacus implementation

Another beautifully looking Spartacus implementation is Ethnicraft.
It’s been there for a while now. It’s one of the first Spartacus 1.x implementations I’ve seen. The site is quite minimalistic so don’t expect any killer features. In fact, it’s so simple, that there is no cart nor checkout – product catalog only. (at least as I’m writing this). I guess it is used only to showcase products. Even so, it fulfills its purpose really well and I love its look and feel.

What about Spartacus support for B2B?

As I’ve already mentioned, Spartacus doesn’t yet support B2B. However, it does not prevent you from doing your own implementation. And that’s what I did with my team recently. Our B2B Spartacus implementation has gone live recently. It took us only ~6 months of development to get the first version published. Unfortunately, I cannot share the details with you yet and it is difficult to get any public sample of B2B storefronts but I can tell you that a couple of my colleagues and students at different companies are working on some B2B implementations as well.

At one of the Sparta-Town meetings, I learned that there’s an ongoing B2B implementation for Förch. It was almost a year ago so it could be live already. You can view a recording from that meeting here.

Sparta-Town meetings

Spartacus 3.0 will include the first B2B features and will be officially released very soon. Here’s a little developers’ preview of how the Spartacus demo site will look like.

Spartacus 3.0


During my research, I’ve found three interesting Tire shops based on Spartacus. 

The first two seem to be the same application but targeting a different market. But what’s most interesting about them is that they are using very early versions of Spartacus. ATD and NTD use Spartacus version 1, and Tirepros uses version 0 (sic!). This shows that even such early Spartacus versions were production-ready.


There are more and more Spartacus implementations showing up on the market. And I expect a swarm of them when Spartacus B2B features will be released. So if you haven’t prepared for Spartacus yet, now’s a perfect time.

Published December 17, 2020