They tested React.js and Vue.js frameworks to build their own Progressive Web App. Finally, they chose Vue Storefront. Now they expose PWAs’ advantages for eCommerce in their demo shop.

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Be ultra-fast or lose

A mobile presence has become a “must” in business. We see that particularly in eCommerce where online stores must be mobile-first and user-friendly to win the market. Responsive web pages and native mobile apps are a typical solution – but they aren’t future-proof as the demand for faster and simpler solutions is constantly growing.

The answer is hidden in progressive web apps. These are web applications that look like a regular website but can appear to the user to be a native application. Thanks to their microservices approach and headless architecture they are flexible and ultra-fast.

Learn more in The Beginners Guide to PWA.

Testing different frameworks for PWA

There are different kinds of Javascript frameworks to develop a PWA shop. Vendic, excited about Progressive Web App possibilities, started to investigate and decided to make their own site with React.js.

This journey was a long and difficult journey, it was quite hard to understand for the developers and for the project owner – Estera Dugulan, Vendic.

The main reason for these difficulties was that React does not use standard HTML markup. Also, developing in React takes more time than usual as the developers had to learn it first. For their next project, they chose the Vue.js framework with the Nuxt framework. Using Vue.js was much simpler for developers and the project owner. What’s more, the marketing team got engaged too, as Vue.js allowed them to perform text adjustments with the standard HTML markup.

Building the PWA demo store

With the experience gained, the Vendic team decided to build their PWA demo store. In the meantime, they stumbled upon a concept store made with the Vue Storefront application. Which is a ready-to-use PWA frontend built with Vue.js framework.

The advantage of using Vue Storefront is that it is available as an Open Source frontend eCommerce link. It works extremely fast in comparison with competitors – Estera Dugulan, Vendic.




They engaged their Magento 2 customer, who offers TVs and accessories, and who was quite excited about this innovation in eCommerce. With his products, content and styling, they developed a realistic demo shop. The demo shop uses imported products from the existing Magento 2 backend and a PWA frontend setup with the Vue Storefront application. Everything was developed on a production-like server with elastic search and redis. It was made by a team of 3 in just 50 hours.

We experience lot’s of benefits because our frontend developer and backend developer could work on the shop at the same time. The frontend developer also doesn’t need to have any knowledge about Magento and developing the frontend with Vue Storefront was much quicker than with Magento – Estera Dugulan, Vendic

PWAs are within your business reach

Whoever visits the can receive a first-hand experience on how smooth and fast Progressive Web Apps are. Vendic’s demo allows users to view multiple products, as well as check product information and the buying process. The shop’s interface is user friendly, and as the page loading time is extremely short, the user stays engaged through the visit time. The shopping experience can be prolonged by adding the page as an app to the user’s home screen directly from the browser and enjoying it in offline mode.




Some might say that PWAs are too expensive or difficult for eCommerce, but Vendic proves this is wrong. Their demo shop has been developed with the combination of the Magento 2 backend and the Vue Storefront frontend. Both of them have low development cost, quick realization time and an App-like feeling on all devices.

If we compare the development cost of a traditional Magento 2 webshop with the PWA demo, it would be 3 times faster to develop. Also, the page speed is insanely fast and it looks like Google is really liking it. We experienced that our pages and blogs are indexed really high in the SEO results (top 3) after one week of publishing a page or blog – Estera Dugulan, Vendic.

Increasing PWA awareness

So what’s next? With their demo store, Vendic wants to increase awareness for PWAs in combination with the Magento 2 backend.

This is why Vendic created a community platform,, to show business owners examples of Magento 2 PWA shops.