Vue Storefront is the ultimate framework for an eCommerce PWA. As it is platform agnostic, this headless application can be connected to any eCommerce platform (incl. Magento, WooCommerce). First and foremost, Vue Storefront enables progressive web app features in your online store. In addition, Vue Storefront has a few other features that are powerful tools for any eCommerce.

Progressive Web Apps are one of the best solutions for any eCommerce business. The list of advantages of the PWA approach is still growing. Just to name a few, which directly correspond to new user behaviors observed in eCommerce, progressive web apps have:

  • ability to work offline (to users’ relief while commuting or using the web in low connectivity areas)
  • app-like features (it looks and behaves like an app but isn’t one – check differences)
  • far greater speed than other solutions (who doesn’t want that!?)

Focusing on and answering clients’ needs is crucial for everyone who wants to create a leading eCommerce business. So the question about implementing this solution should not be whether or not you do it, but rather, when..

Implementing an eCommerce PWA with Vue Storefront

There are several ways to add a progressive web app in your eCommerce (including in-house development or using tools like the PWA Studio by Magento), but what we recommend is Vue Storefront. This solution, dedicated to eCommerce, works as a headless frontend which can be connected to any eCommerce platform backend and delivers all the benefits of a PWA.

What are the most powerful features and their benefits which you get with Vue Storefront? Here’s our top 10!

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Top 10 Vue Storefront features for eCommerce

  1. Insanely fast performance – the high speed of Vue Storefront is ensured by Service Workers, SSR and local cache. What does it mean for end-users? They shouldn’t wait longer than 2 seconds for the page to load.
  2. 100% offline support – this is also thanks to the in-browser IndexedDB database available in Vue Storefront. Your user will be able to continue shopping without a network connection or in low connectivity often observed while commuting. A purchase path started in offline mode will be supported with an in-browser queue and Offline Orders support.
  3. App-like features – you can add your Vue Storefront PWA to the Home Screen of any device (iOS, Android), directly from the browser and use it just like a mobile app. The user can enjoy your eCommerce the way he likes it most, and you don’t have to develop mobile apps separately.
  4. Server-Side Rendering & Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support – options available out of the box which can improve your SEO results.
  5. Platform Agnostic – Vue Storefront works any available eCommerce platform. No matter if you’re using Magento, WooCommerce or any other platform, you can add Vue Storefront and our Boilerplate will help you out with that. Oh, and some of these platforms are supported out-of-the-box (check the list).
  6. Async communication – which means that to integrate any backend platform, all you need is an implementation of a few API endpoints, without touching the business logic.
  7. NoSQL/ElasticSearch – these backend features bypass any slow backend and load your eCommerce content even faster.
  8. Modern Vue.js – with modern technology Vue Storefront not only attracts developers to work with it, but also provides a powerful toolset to easily design and customize the frontend and which also allows for atomic-design and a design-system backed.
  9. Extension modules – Vue Storefront is a framework customizable via extensions and themes, which are easy to update and easy to develop.
  10. Scalability – Vue Storefront is horizontally scalable no matter the backend platform of your choice. We’re using the middle layer NoSQL database (elastic) for maximum performance.

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One more thing: hard to call it to feature, but the most powerful thing about Vue Storefront is its community. Vue Storefront is an open-source solution available on Github (over 4k stars). But if you are searching for a ready-to-go mobile-first platform check out Storefront Cloud. We can provide you with a team of developers that will implement it for you.