Pimcore 6: what’s new in the admin panel

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Pimcore has released a new version of their PIM, CMS and DAM solution, and turned it into a digital experience platform (DXP). With Pimcore 6, users can also enter a redesigned user interface and new admin panel. We took a closer look at it…

Overview of changes in Pimcore 6

The last upgrade was launched in mid-June, 2019. In general, the changes include an upgraded technology stack, a multitude of new features for professionals and a brand new user interface.

Along with the new edition, Pimcore has moved to the Symphony 4 framework – currently the fastest PHP framework, and the leader among the many PHP frameworks. Symphony was a natural choice as, just like Pimcore, it’s an open-source solution supported by thousands of developers globally.

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The technology stack used in Pimcore 6

The new engine makes Pimcore the ultimate, predominant platform for enterprises looking to leverage open-source technology and take on technology leadership in their industry. Using this micro-framework improves the performance and scalability of your projects. Pimcore ensures full backward compatibility and updating to the latest version is a simple task.

What’s more, usage of the Symphony 4 framework enables users to leverage all the great features available in Symphony 4. With these features, making projects, from a small API to a big web application, will be much easier.

Another important change is the cleaned up source code. With this change, Pimcore’s team removed all code clutter and thus made it lighter, more transparent and easier to work with. This is something that developers should greatly appreciate.

And last but not least – a redesigned user interface and new admin panel.

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The new admin panel of Pimcore 6

We craved the rebuilt admin panel for a long time, and finally, it is here. Pimcore put a lot of effort into redesigning its user interface and improving the user experience for editors and admins. What did we like most?

Flat design

In the new admin panel, Pimcore resigned from any drop shadows, gradients and textures. This minimalistic approach is highly enjoyable and fits perfectly into the latest design trends.

A new set of icons

Manage your content across all customer touchpoints with Pimcore

With the new user interface, Pimcore introduced a new collection of icons that are matched with the flat design approach. Now they are simple, clear and easy to spot. A great improvement for anyone working in the panel on a daily basis.

WCM shortcut

Along with a bunch of improvements and new features, the admin panel is now much more than just a CMS. From now on, Pimcore is calling it a WCM – Web Content Management system ♡.

Removed clutter

Manage your content across all customer touchpoints with Pimcore

Pimcore 5 / Pimcore 6

The new admin panel has been cleaned up, and it feels good. With fewer icons and less information, the interface has much more clarity.

Full range of UTF-8 characters

Manage your content across all customer touchpoints with Pimcore

Working with a Latin alphabet is convenient, as I’m sure you all know, but quite often we had to leave out significant information when we transcripted data from other alphabets. Well, no more :)

With Pimcore 6, you can use the full range of UTF-8 characters for URLs and names of documents, apart from digital assets and data objects. These changes will be helpful for non-latin language installations. It is also good news for anyone working with Chinese and other logographic languages as it improves Pimcore’s compatibility with them.

Vertical tabbing

Pimcore has improved the compatibility of ‘data objects’ by adding support for adjustable tab positions. Now ‘Tab panels’ and ‘localized fields’ can be displayed on the top, bottom, left or right.

Pimcore 6 – oriented towards the community

Although some Pimcore 6 changes might be small, in total they make a great difference. Thanks to these changes, daily work with Pimcore 6 is much faster and smoother, and significantly improves working with millions of product data records or managing thousands of websites.

But what’s truly important is that all these changes reflect the needs of Pimcore’s community.

“The improved admin panel interface is a great choice as a milestone for version 6.0! I really appreciate how Pimcore’s new features always reflect any new needs from the community. The feedback oriented approach, coupled with the open-source philosophy is what makes Pimcore an awesome solution to work with” – Tomasz Widliński – Software Delivery Manager at Divante

If you wish to see it for yourself, just click through to the Pimcore demo.

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Published June 21, 2019