Mobile App concept for Lidl with AI use

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Today we want to show you the concept for grocery shopping on #Lidl example. The main feature is based on Artificial intelligence, and it is dedicated to eCommerce and mobile commerce use.

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The first step begins when the user scans the contents of his fridge with a smartphone camera. The image is then analyzed and the mobile app instantly presents what products are missing based on previously collected data.

This is just an example. Artificial Intelligence (AI) opens the door to many great possibilities, such as recognizing products using the camera on your phone, or creating an individual plan for your purchases. The mobile app works as your personal shopping assistant. Collects data on products that most often appear in your fridge and which you use most often. Shopping can be simple and pleasant, and above all planned.

So it simply goes like this:

  1. scan your fridge
  2. check the list of missing products
  3. see details of the products
  4. order confirmation

Tell us what do you think about such a solution!

Published August 8, 2019