Magento ecosystem allows for adding integrations with ERP systems, payment solutions or even PWA – but is the game worth the candle?

I tried to answer this doubt in my short presentation on “Async & Bulk REST API – new possibilities of communication between systems”. The presentation covers the following demonstrations:
1: single REST API request
2: bulk REST API requests
3: Async REST API requests
4: Async & Bulk REST API requests

Click through the presentation to find out the details:


  • Thanks to Async & Bulk API you will be able to optimize min 50% integration efficiency
  • About 95% REST API methods support POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE async requests (not support GET requests)
  • Async & Bulk available from Magento 2.3 version
  • You will be able to check/update all async processes
  • Bulk API split request to separate requests in a queue
  • You have to try it! :)

Presentation originally presented at Magento Lightning Talks meetup on October 3rd, 2019, in Divante HQ. Magento Lightning Talks is an event series, organized by Divante, to share and exchange knowledge on Magento development among Magento developers.

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