In January 2014, we established a relationship with CDP. Our contribution to the project constituted a part of a bigger plan aimed at the creation of a new trading platform for CDP that would enrich the existing digital products sales service (audiobooks, e-books, video games, movies) with the possibility to trade physical products as well.



As one of the biggest distributors of video games and digital content in Europe, CDP decided to complement its offer with offline products, having in mind a large group of potential customers, to whom the exclusive access to digital goods still constitutes a significant barrier to entry.


The challenge was not a trivial one, taking into account the considerable scale of the scheduled tasks (over 100,000 product indexes) and high efficiency required by the client (up to 6,000 simultaneous visitors – traffic jumps related for instance to the premiere of The Witcher game, distributed only by CDP). Moreover, the physical product sales service at the assumed scale required full automation.


Orders management, logistics, returns, status updates – such processes had to be fully automated and connected to the ERP system used at the company (Microsoft AX).




In order to achieve this goal, we needed to create a dedicated subsystem – the “Integration Panel”, which allowed us to compare the same products delivered by various suppliers and to choose the best price and supplier on the basis of the client’s order.


Additionally, the digital products management process also turned out to be a difficulty. Other integrations (eLibri,, CDN Atende) and dedicated functions (digital bookshelf, Kindle, Dropbox, SIS integrations) appeared on the horizon as well.


The website was planned to be fully functional on mobile devices (Responsive Web Design), with the highest quality graphic design provided by Ars Thanea agency.


Due to the short amount of time scheduled for the development of the MVP version, we agreed with the client to apply a flexible approach (SCRUM) and to prepare detailed specifications and analyses in the course of works. This made it possible to achieve very high quality of the final product.




  • pre-implementation analyses took 16 weeks (app. 600Wh) in total

  • programming works performed by 4 developers for the first 2 months and 6-7 developers for the following 10 months took 48 weeks (7000Wh)

  • implementation of the user interface took 20 weeks (1600Wh performed by 2 developers)



  • Michał  Gembicki

    Michał Gembicki, CEO

    The new platform is the result of months of work by dozens of experts from Divante and Ars Thanea. Thanks to their commitment, the website stands out with its design and modern technical background. In terms of customer service and delivery, we wanted to have all the solutions that we believe will help us successfully compete with the biggest eCommerce projects on the Polish market.


Download: CDP - full project case study


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