We work with Docker, Magento Enterprise Cloud and AWS Cloud to handle scalability challenges for our customers and provide them with high availability clusters. We created a re-usable eCommerce architecture called “Scalability framework” (for details please visit this website).


The key components of our hosting infrastructure

  • Varnish cache - allowing us to optimize the load times of static files and application pages (such as a product sheet, a list, homepage).

  • Redis - optimizing session support and Magento cache.

  • Distributed FIle System - NAS or GlusterFS supporting upload  and serving a large number of files in the cluster.

  • Ngix + HHVM configuration if necessary.

  • PerconaDB + hot backups.

  • CDN (CloudFront or other).

Why Magento Hosting with Divante?


  • You can leverage the power of containerization using our Docker based hosting.

  • We offer high Availability (HA) by design with redundancy and AWS/VMWare virtualization platform underneath.

  • We perform transactional deployments using git workflow; it’s possible to configure full CI and automatic deployments.

  • We’re able to provide a guaranteed SLA with reaction times <1h, 24x7.

  • This hosting is optimized for Magento1 and Magento2 regarding good practices and architecture guidelines.

  • You get all the complementary services - Varnish, Redis, MySQL cluster configured and ready to use, you’re not paying for a vhost or an instance but for the whole site to run smoothly.

  • Infrastructure is managed using Ansible, Greylog, New Relic and other tools able to provide us with near real-time data to fine-tune your stack.

  • You get production-grade systems on the platform with up to 30K orders/day, 5 mln UU per month.



With whom we worked on Magento hosting


Full RWD eCommerce platform for The Witcher Publisher

As one of the biggest distributors of video games and digital content in Europe, CDP decided to complement its offer with offline products. The challenge was not a trivial one, taking into account the considerable scale of the scheduled tasks and high efficiency required by the client.

See Case Study of CDP.pl

Increase in sales through the online channel 72 %
Revenue from online sales mln EUR 93

TIM - B2B Digital Transformation

TIM is one of the biggest electro-technical goods distributor in Europe. The company has 25 years of experience on the market. We helped TIM to transform into a digital company.

Magento Imagine Excellence Award Finalist for The Best B2B User Experience in 2016.

See Case Study

Complementary products and services

Magento Development

Magento Optimization and Maintenance

Magento Audit

Microservices Architecture