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About the webinar 


If you’re wondering how to boost your B2B sales and improve user experience (UX), we invite you to join another webinar in the Innovative eCommerce series. Our B2B commerce heroes will share their expertise in the area of performance marketing practices​​, product design, and the technical implementation of game-changing features.

Key talking points.

Emerging solutions and innovative technologies as a part of Digital strategy in the B2B sector

The retail media concept: Why should retail locations become digital channels for marketers?

Unique B2B features: Meeting the specific needs of clients

Designing with the best user experience UX principles that can increase conversion rates and shorten the time to market


How can you increase sales through B2B eCommerce?

The pace of digitalization in the B2B market is constantly accelerating. More and more companies have decided to implement digital solutions in B2B sales. The question we should ask ourselves isn’t is it worth it but, instead, what solutions should we choose. Customer needs are growing, and contractors and business partners expect convenient communication and modern sales solutions. 

During our webinar, we’ll talk about accelerating B2B growth by using design, unique features, and physical stores as digital channels. 

Join our webinar on October 26th, 2022, at 3 p.m. CET to learn more about innovative experiences that B2B retailers are offering their customers. Get inspired by learning about how to grow and modernize your business by navigating what the next big deal is in B2B commerce.

Meet the speakers

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Agnieszka Janich

Senior Product Designer at Divante
Agnieszka is a self-taught product designer who’s passionate about creating the most intuitive eCommerce solutions for the past four years. After work, she loves walking in the woods, traveling off the beaten track, and all the dogs she meets. Agnieszka will tell us about CommerceBooster, the first open-source B2B user interface template for eCommerce.
We will find out how the idea to create this product came about, what problems the team encountered, and how they solved them throughout the development process. She’ll also outline further plans for the product's development, and, in the process, she’ll try to sneak in UX tidbits that the design team is proud to have created.
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Grzegorz Barnaś

Customer Operations Amazon
E-Commerce Specialists at 3M

Grzegorz is an eCommerce specialist working for 3M. He develop and improve processes regarding Amazon vendors and product catalogs for the main European countries. He's experienced in running and developing a B2B eCommerce platform with Magento technology for Komsa Poland.

Grzegorz will talk about B2B eCommerce must-haves like trade credit; key details of the product card; drop shipping and product files; integration with online stores; and customer support and portfolio training.

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Serge Gale

CEO and co-founder of Displayforce.ai

In 2019, Serge cofounded Displayforce.ai, a performance marketing platform for DOOH networks. With a flexible business mindset, he managed to lay the foundations of a great technological ecosystem.

Influencing the target audience in brick-and-mortar is important for both retailers and advertisers. That's a pretty complicated task. However, it’s achievable. With vast digital marketing experience, marketers want to apply performance marketing practices to the offline world. They require quantitative metrics such as opportunity to see (OTS), cost per thousand (CPM), conversion, numbers of visitors, cost of each visitor, practical analytics, and how marketing is impacting sales.

During this session, you’ll learn why should retail locations become a digital channel for marketers.


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Agnieszka Małek

Event moderator

Marketing Product Owner of Progressive Web Apps at Divante with +7 years experience in various marketing fields. Interested in eCommerce, new technologies, and fashion.

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