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About the webinar




Divante is an eCommerce company that helps industry leaders to shape their digital future. Working with future-proof technologies on a daily basis makes innovation the crucial part of our job. The Webinar, “Innovative eCommerce,” is the first in an ongoing series. In this meeting, our speakers will talk about modern technologies such as composable commerce and progressive web apps (PWAs) along with innovative approaches to the digital solutions designed by our Innovation Lab.


Meet the speakers


The speakers are experts in their fields, and they’ll guide you through their real-life experiences and selected case studies in working with technologies, companies, and eCommerce trends. During the presentation, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions to our speakers and to take part in a really inspiring discussion.

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    Artur Wala

    Head of Innovation Lab

    Innovation Lab


    Let's talk about what innovation actually is and how to use it effectively in your business. You’ll learn how to tackle digital pain points using the latest technologies and a clear process. Drawing on our experience in developing future-proof solutions, we’ll show you how innovation can meet your business goals and how you can put it into practice.

    During this session we'll cover:

    • Translating your KPIs into digital opportunities.
    • Testing potential solutions with users.
    • Why composable is growing?
    • Mapping potential solutions to future-proof technologies with recommendations.
  • Aleksander Uchto

    Aleksander Uchto

    eCommerce Consultant at Divante

    Composable Commerce


    Thinking about scalability and the ability to react quickly means something different than it did just two years ago. Luckily, the new trends for how to secure business growth through technology are in place. I’d be more than happy to tell you about how the thinking for eCommerce was reframed by composable commerce and the MACH alliance movement.
    What will you learn?

    • What’s a monolithic and composable commerce approach?
    • Why does the monolithic approach need to be replaced?
    • Why composable is growing?
    • Composable technologies overview.
  • Zelimir Gusak

    Zelimir Gusak

    eCommerce Consultant at Divante

    PWA Technologies


    eCommerce has always been at the forefront of new technologies by embracing them fully and without a lot of hesitation. Simply said, it’s the perfect testing ground for new concepts. It’s been some time since it became evident that PWAs are here to stay. A lot of big brands, as well as retailers, have launched their PWA solutions, and they have proven their worth. But what is PWA, and what benefits does it really bring?


    We'll make sure to get you synced up on:


    • PWA facts
    • Benefits on the end-user side, dev side, and business side
    • Technologies we work with as an eCommerce development company
    • Solutions we completed
    • A bit about the history of PWA at Divante


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  • Aleksander Uchto
  • Zelimir Gusak

"We recognize real users’ needs and translate them into digital
solutions based on the technology of tomorrow."

Artur Wala, Head of Innovation Lab, Divante


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The event will take place on
November 16th at 5 p.m. CET. It's an online webinar, and we use zoom for our meeting. Save the date!

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The speakers

You’ll meet our internal Divante experts, Artur Wala, Zelimir Gusak, and Aleksander Uchto, whose presentations will cover both the business and technical perspectives of innovation.

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What will you learn?

You’ll get familiar with what innovation means and how to look at the work process in an innovation lab. Our presenters will introduce you to the future eCommerce technologies, show examples of putting them into practice, and present live case studies.