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About the webinar 


Innovative eCommerce is a series of online webinars that connect people from the business and technology world to talk about innovation. It’s all about trends and modern technologies, and their influence on business in each industry. 

Our speakers, who are experts in their fields, will guide you through their real-life experiences and selected case studies in working with technologies, companies, and eCommerce trends.


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Key talking points.

Brand recognition in the fashion industry

The future of marketing and budget allocation in fashion eCommerce.

New technologies

Innovative features that work and bring in value through better brand awareness, profitability, and UX.

Trends overview

The most important trends for fashion eCommerce.

Generation Z

A summary of their needs and their impact on the industry.

fashion ecommerce

Let's talk about fashion

This time, we’ll meet to talk about the hottest industry in the eCommerce world, fashion. This is the type of business whose middle name is change, and it’s an integral part of its identity. As in the case of most brands from the fashion industry, the collections change every season. In the case of eCommerce, it may not be seasonal but very frequent changes are inevitable.

Join our webinar on March 10, 2022, at 6 p.m CET to learn more about trends, predictions. and future technologies for the fashion industry. We’ll also talk about ways to implement them, growth initiatives from the top leaders, and finally, about the new generation and their needs.

Meet the speakers


Stanley Świątkiewicz

Product Manager at Predicty

The internet was the wild west in its beginning with companies having most of the leverage in business-client interactions. This is changing as we’re slowly going to Web3.0 which will ensure more and more privacy with each upcoming year.

While this is good for customers, how can companies ensure they stay on the same analytical level they are now? Or maybe this situation is a catalyst for the improvement of the quality in our analysis?

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Agata Semenowicz

Creative Coordinator and Researcher at Innovation Lab

The lecture is divided into two parts. The first is a brief introduction of trends coming from the fashion eCommerce industry. These are mostly functional ones for realistic people who are searching for quick wins. Later on, we’ll get deeper into the needs of Gen Z for innovators seeking a piece of inspiration to build future-proof solutions. 

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Guillermo Segalerba

Digital Strategies Technical Lead at Pyxis CX

Fashion is constantly evolving, and how fashion eCommerce brands operate is no different. New technologies, evolving markets, and exponential growth due to COVID-19 gave birth to a new wave of digital leaders.

In this session, we’ll share cases of innovative features that work and bring in value through better brand awareness, profitability, and user experience to visitors and customers.


Agnieszka Małek

Event Moderator

Marketing Product Owner of Progressive Web Apps at Divante with +7 years experience in various marketing fields. Interested in eCommerce, new technologies, and fashion.