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About the webinar 


Innovative eCommerce in retail is the continuation of our online webinars that connect people from the business and technology world who are passionate about innovation. The webinar is about the modern approach to business and game-changing solutions in each industry. 

This time, we gathered speakers who have comprehensive experience in retail. They will share their insights on how technology and innovative concepts can embrace the omnichannel experience and drive the overall growth of the company.

Key talking points.

Mobile commerce as an important element of the omnichannel strategy

The benefits of a native mobile application and the reasons why companies need to invest in mobile.

Emerging technologies

How do retailers stay relevant, enhance the customer experience, and create more selling opportunities with technology?

The digital revolution in enterprises

What can we learn from the most prominent retail players?

Embracing the subscription model

A case study about migrating a shop that will maintain the same level of functionality but with an improved subscription and increased performance.

eCommercec retail

How is the retail industry changing?

Due to the pandemic, many people started visiting brick-and-mortar stores less frequently. That doesn't mean we should forget about them, though. Retailers constantly put in a lot of effort to take care of their online and offline customers. How can you bridge the gap between the online and offline parts of a store? These two worlds combined can create an unforgettable consumer experience. Let's take a closer look at how the best players embrace this subject.

Join our webinar on July 12th, 2022 at 3 p.m. CET to learn more about new and innovative experiences that retailers are offering their customers to create a competitive advantage. We’ll talk about strategies for merging digital technologies within brick-and-mortar stores. 

Meet the speakers

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Natalia Tokarz

Mobile app Product Owner at CCC SA

As a product owner of the CCC mobile app, I coordinate mobile commerce development from networking and UX/UI to implementation and analytics. Together with the team, we discuss and develop innovative features, answer customer needs, and try to provide them with the best experience. 
Hobbies? I’m passionate about new technologies, like virtual try-on, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and gamification in the fashion industry but also traveling, cycling, and languages. 
We will focus on key CCC mobile app features that blend online and offline, boost sales, and set new directions for development. Last but not least, we will describe a few crucial omnichannel and mobile trends for big brands to consider in the near future. 
Group 353

Kamil Jodełko

eCommerce Project Manager in Poland and the Czech Republic at Sephora

Kamil has over 10 years of experience in the digital area and more than seven years in multinational companies.

The COVID pandemic dramatically accelerated the digital transformation of retail. After 2020, an omnichannel approach has become a must, and retailers are aware of it. In this session, I will talk about how Sephora used retail resources to support eCommerce sales during the lockdowns and how it changed our company. I will also get deeper into specific implementations such as click and collect in-store lockers and call and collect.

Group 351

Bartłomiej Loc

Experienced Project Manager and Scrum Master certified in Scrum and AgilePM in Divante

With his impressive experience, he was the project manager for the first implementation of a Shopware progressive web app-based store in Divante. Bartek not only deals with eCommerce projects, but he has also introduced the product information management (PIM) technology, Akeneo, to Divante's offer.
He will talk about how to lead the migration of a store to the new technology and how to prepare for such a process. Bartek will also introduce us to the unique and innovative functionalities that were implemented in the Nubee project.

Agnieszka Małek

Event Moderator

Marketing Product Owner of Progressive Web Apps at Divante with +7 years experience in various marketing fields. Interested in eCommerce, new technologies, and fashion.