A UX audit can boost your sales up to 65%

Bad user experience (UX) can drive users away from your store and straight into the arms of competitors. That’s the last thing you want.

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Convert more visitors into buyers.

Before audit: 1.5% conversion

100.000 visitors
€120 average basket size

Revenue €180.000


The problems were revealed thanks to a UX audit:

Lack of brand consistency across the user journey

Chaotic category architecture

Low-performing search

After audit: 1.97% conversion

100.000 visitors
€120 average basket size

Revenue €204.000 (


Implement solutions:

Adapting brand to digital needs 

New simplified categories architecture

New functionalities in search

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Most common questions about UX audits

What is a UX audit?

A UX audit is an expert analysis of your eCommerce. Its goal is to identify the weak points of your service. These are weaknesses where users encounter the most difficulties. They can make it difficult for users to find relevant information or perform a task, like booking a ticket or purchasing a product.

What’s the purpose of a UX audit?

  • Understand a solution’s value to the business.

  • Radically improve your product’s performance in a quick and cost-effective manner.

  • Spot any UX and user interface (UI) issues before spending money on development.

  • Get a fresh look at your solution from another perspective.

  • Fix problems with an existing product that are related to the clarity of your product or that are aimed to address users’ needs in the right way.

  • Obtain recommendations for the future.

  • Identify the value for users who are using, or will use, the solution.

Who’s a UX audit for?

  • eCommerce store owners: Benchmark your store’s UX against state-of-the-art eCommerce sites to understand where resources are best spent.
  • Web agencies: Get your client's eCommerce design, prototype, or website reviewed by a fresh set of unbiased eyes to identify tweaks and improvements to make.

What do I get from a UX audit?

A UX audit is an affordable and quick way to solve your UX issues. With it, you’ll improve your product’s competitiveness and value, and create something that’ll expand your marketing reach.

At the end of the UX audit, you receive an extensive, detailed report outlining all the observations we’ve made and a list of areas that require improvement. The usability issues will be grouped according to their impact, from the most critical ones up to the “nice to change” ones. The report also contains suggestions and actionable advice on further improvements to the UX.

The UX audit can improve your conversion rates, brand perception, and sales. On top of that, getting your prototype audited is way cheaper than a recode later.

What's the cost of a UX audit?


Basic UX Audit

We evaluate an online store based on our experience using heuristic analysis. We look into the purchase path and the information architecture. We check if the user can easily find what they’re looking for and if the process is transparent and simple.

Store elements that we analyze on desktop:

  • Homepage
  • Product search
  • Product page
  • Listing page
  • Filtering
  • Shopping cart
  • Checkout


Price: €1,999


Complete UX Audit

We do everything that’s included with a basic UX audit, but we’ll also take a deep dive into user personas, benchmarks, and branding, along with an analysis for mobile.

We analyze all of the store elements included in the basic plan plus:

  • Personas
  • Benchmarks
  • Branding

Additionally, we create a redesign concept for two chosen pages of the store.


Price: €3,199


Custom UX Audit

If you’d like to extend the scope of a basic or complete UX audit to user interviews, testing, and low-fi or hi-fi prototypes, it's still possible with us. The best way to determine if this is best for you is to meet and talk about your specific needs.

Price: Please contact us.


“We know how many seemingly innocent things can distract the user from the shopping path and, correspondingly, lower your sales. After many years of working in eCommerce, we can identify most of these things at a glance. We can get the rest of the knowledge from user research and analytical tools.”

Marcin Baran, Head of the Product Design Team

Discuss the possibilities

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