A comprehensive course on
SAP Composable Storefront development


Spartacus is a top storefront for SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris). It’s extensible, customizable, and continuously developed. It provides new opportunities with each update.

Join our course to explore those opportunities with one of the top Spartacus evangelists

Learn the best practices, smart solutions to common problems, and save hours of your time.

The trainer

Mateusz Ostafil 

Technology Evangelist and Spartacus trainer at Divante

Mateusz is a Spartacus Storefront evangelist working with SAP. Besides providing training sessions, recording videos, and writing eBooks and blog posts, he acts as a team leader in numerous Spartacus implementation projects.

He has successfully mentored around 150 people to become software developers from scratch.

Check out his latest eBook: The ultimate guide to getting started with Spartacus.

Mateusz Ostafil - the trainer

Why should you learn Spartacus with Divante?

The latest version of SAP Spartacus

The latest version of SAP Spartacus

Our training is always based on the latest version of SAP Spartacus (Spartacus 6.0).
You will be up to date with the newest features and changes.

Experienced trainer


Mateusz Ostafil is a technology evangelist at Divante and a SAP Spartacus specialist. He coordinated Spartacus projects and conducted training for companies and individuals.

Core contributor to Spartacus

Core contributor
to Spartacus

Divante has been developing Spartacus alongside SAP for years. We have over a decade of experience in developing eCommerce platforms and PWA solutions.

Group 39-1


It’s online training. No minimum group size. More time to digest the acquired knowledge.

Modules Overview

Each module has an interactive presentation, live coding, and a Q&A session. There is also time for exercises and practice.

  • 1

    Spartacus Basics

    Introduction to Spartacus, installation, architecture overview, and basic customization mechanisms.

  • 2

    Low-level knowledge

    How Spartacus works under the hood, data flow, back-end integration, configuration, and Spartacus logic customization.

  • 3

    Deep customization

    Adjusting the look and feel of Spartacus, combining customization features, and B2B or B2C specific features.

Discover new corporate SAP Composable Storefront training sessions

Angular for SAP Spartacus training

We created this training to introduce you to the necessary issues and problems of Angular that you’ll encounter when you start to learn Spartacus.

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Advanced SAP Spartacus training

This is the last step on our SAP Spartacus learning path. You’ll get introduced to the secrets of this framework and learn about the advanced Spartacus solutions used in international projects.

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During this training course you will:

Learn SAP Spartacus


Get deep knowledge of the Spartacus framework and modern frontend architecture, including PWA and headless.



Create custom commerce front ends based on Spartacus libraries using best practices.

Get deedback

Get feedback

Get the code reviewed by an experienced Spartacus developer, and receive feedback to improve your skills.

We can customize the training content to your specific needs

Reach out to us to discuss the possibilities.




Benefits for everyone

  • SAP Spartacus training course for developers


    LinkedIn can help you expand your professional connections, share your knowledge, demonstrate your expertise, and connect with other like-minded people. Who knows, maybe some of your gurus will share your post.

  • Social training

    Project managers

    You already know how to deliver a project successfully and nobody knows your team better than you do. By sharing your success stories, ongoing projects, or how to overcome day-to-day challenges, you build your expertise and gain trust from clients.

  • SAP Spartacus training for Architects

    HR professionals

    A company doesn’t exist without the people who work there. Social media platforms, like Linkedin, can help you with recruiting, communication with employees, and training. Find the best talent, and show the world how much fun working at Divante is.

  • Frame 1-1

    Spartacus is a complex solution.
    We split the material into six sessions to ease you into its various aspects.

  • Frame 2-2

    Four hour-long sessions let your knowledge settle in so you can get ready for the next meeting.

  • Frame 4 (1)-1

    It’s a flexible online training session that doesn’t hold you back with a minimum group size.

What do Clients say about SAP Spartacus training?

  • Frank Meier CEO Medienwerft

    Frank Meier

    CEO Medienwerft GmbH

    Medienwerft has been successfully using SAP Commerce since 2012. With Spartacus, SAP Commerce becomes headless, and we wanted to take this step early on. In Divante, we found a partner who was involved by SAP in the development of Spartacus and was, therefore, able to train our team of developers at a very high level: well-structured, really informative, and very individual – our competent and sympathetic tutor responded to our high requirements and ensured a very practice-oriented atmosphere through a variety of tasks. Overall, the training at Divante has contributed greatly to establishing us - beyond our specialization in SAP Commerce development - also as a first-mover in the field of SAP Spartacus development.

  • Mask Group-2

    Jan Rode

    Software Engineering Manager at Sybit GmbH

    What we liked about the remote training was the profound know-how and openness of the trainer. The training was very well structured with plenty of practical exercises. Special requirements on our side were always covered and discussed thoroughly. The different levels of experience of our training participants were also taken into account.

    Our team quickly learned everything necessary to realize the first projects with Spartacus. The remote training was especially valuable for us during the corona pandemic and could easily keep up with on-site training.

    In the future, we will certainly have more developers trained by Divante.



  • Mask Group (2)

    Ivaylo Ivanov

    Project Manager at Novarto

    Spartacus Training Course by Divante is a unique offering that packs a comprehensive agenda of all essential topics of implementing Spartacus and follows the hands-on approach to learning. All this delivered by skilled professionals that know Spartacus inside-out.

    At the end of it, our Spartacus team felt confident in implementing Spartacus following the best practices for performance and upgradability.

    Highly recommended to anyone who wants to build Spartacus expertise in their teams.

  • Frank Meier CEO Medienwerft
  • Mask Group-2
  • Mask Group (2)



Is it possible to get training in our/your office?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the safety of participants, all our training sessions are currently held online.

Do you provide any free tutorials and resources on SAP Spartacus?

If you’re looking for some free resources, you definitely have to check out the videos prepared by Mateusz as well as the Divante blog and eBooks.

Where can I get support for my Spartacus implementation?
We’re always ready to help. Check out our PWA front end for SAP Commerce Cloud services.
Can I take Spartacus training individually?

Currently, we’re only doing corporate training, but please let us know that you’re interested in this training as an individual. If we gather enough individual participants, then we might start an open group.

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