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Vue Storefront 1.5 released after complex rebranding

Vue Storefront 1.5 released after complex rebranding

With great pleasure, we’re introducing Vue Storefront 1.5. The new version of the excellent eCommerce PWA storefront comes with full rebranding and refactoring, which makes Vue Storefront better, not bigger.

Vue Storefront 1.5 key changes

Keeping up with the monthly release cycle, Vue Storefront 1.5 has been published nearly a month after Vue Storefront 1.4. The new edition focuses on refactoring efforts. The most important changes include the New Modules API, optimized memory usage profile in Server Side Rendering, and refactoring of selected core modules. All changes are backward compatible. The refactoring process will continue during November, 2018.

- New Modules API
- SSR memory optimization
- Simplified M2 integration
- OAuth2 configuration in setup
- GraphQL extensibility features
- New docs

Please check the release notes for details.

The Vue Storefront rebranding

With this release, we’re introducing the new Vue Storefront brand identity. The new Vue Storefront logo was designed by Stanisław Świątkiewicz. It replaces the old “V”-based logo and brings a more friendly look to the whole VS brand.

“We wanted to make the Vue Storefront brand more friendly ! The old logo had a lot of “sharp” and “aggressive” corners. Moreover, we wanted to resign from the heavy, dark colors, and simplify the branding (the logo was too detailed).“ - Piotr Karwatka, Vue Storefront founder.

Along with the new logo, Vue Storefront gained upgraded typography and a new webpage. The website - www.vuestorefront.io - is enriched with a modern, dynamic design, and new product and community information.

Learn more at www.vuestorefront.io



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