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Premiere of Divante's Voice Commerce Solution at SDC19

Premiere of Divante's Voice Commerce Solution at SDC19

This autumn, Samsungs Developers Conference will gather developers, creators, and technologists sharing insights on emerging technologies. Divante joined forces with Upside to deliver an innovative voice commerce solution aligned with Samsung’s Bixby assistant. 

Voice commerce is one of the fastest-growing trends in eCommerce. As Gartner predicts, at least 30% of all browsing sessions will engage voice search by 2020. That’s in just one year, but many brands don’t know how to incorporate voice into their customers’ journeys properly!

Giving Voice To eCommerce

Divante teamed up with Upside and worked on a voice solution compatible with Samsung’s AI-powered voice assistant - Bixby. Samsung’s assistant has already proved to be a convenient tool which, thanks to machine learning, supports the everyday activities of over 10 million users. It is in the top five of the most popular voice assistants, alongside Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

Standalone voice solutions in eCommerce don’t stand a chance; that’s why the cooperating teams connected the best of voice and mobile commerce into a single solution. As a result, Divante and Upside Lab have created a multimodal experience (voice + screen).

“Our expertise shows voice and mobile as inseparable multimodal interfaces. Looking for the solution with the most potential, we found Bixby as an ideal Voice Assistant for eCommerce” Tom Karwatka, CEO at Divante.


Bixby powered by Vue Storefront

Using Divante’s PWA solution — Vue Storefront — and Bixby is an excellent way to enhance a brand’s customer journey with voice interactions. This combination creates the ultimate solution for retail, with the possibility to integrate with every eCommerce platform.

At Samsung’s Conference, we’ll present the Bixby Capsule integrated through Vue Storefront with the Magento backend system. All data on inventory is stored in a backend system and exposed to the user via two interfaces: Bixby while using the voice assistant, or directly through the Vue Storefront PWA integrated with Bixby. Bixby and Vue Storefront communicate between themselves while retrieving major data via API from the backend system. 

Commerce via voice assistants

Bixby gives eCommerce what has been missing so far: the ability to be right next to the customer when they need it most — no matter where they are and what device is in close proximity. Voice interactions combined with the modern mobile web fit very well into the lifestyle of modern customers, our “on-demand” culture and the desire to operate within a united system. With the integration between eCommerce and Bixby, it’s all possible. 

SDC 19

Join us at Samsung Developers Conference

The Divante and Upside Lab teams will be present throughout the whole Samsung Developers Conference. Along with the presentation of the new voice commerce solutions for Bixby, they are ready to discuss eCommerce, the “voice-first” approach to enhancing the daily experiences of shoppers, and reasons for which eCommerce should keep its eye on voice shopping. 

Reach out to Sebastian Kozak and Staszek Świątkiewicz before the event to schedule a meeting
The Samsung Developers Conference will take place in San Jose, US, on October 29–30, 2019. Learn more at www.samsungdeveloperconference.com

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