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Over 20 PR’s after Vue Storefront hackathon at Divante HQ

Over 20 PR’s after Vue Storefront hackathon at Divante HQ

Last week, we hosted a rather exceptional event. Over 50 developers gathered in Divante’s headquarters to experience cooperation on creating Vue Storefront – an open source, headless Progressive Web App for eCommerce.

The fourth Vue Storefront Hackathon took place on Friday, January 18th. Contributors from Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden and the UK met to work together on developing new features for the Vue Storefront eCommerce PWA. It was also a good time for refactoring and making VS even clearer and easier to use.

The community gathered around Vue Storefront is incredibly open and friendly. For many contributors, meeting in the not-so-formal Divante Cafe was a great opportunity to meet others in person and form new bonds. The official slack channel became the primary communication channel and many developers joined the hackathon remotely. Divante, along with other core contributors – Develo Design, Snowdog and Virtua - coordinated the necessary works, but also encouraged opening new topics. Newcomers had the unique opportunity to learn Vue.js and Vue Storefront basics directly from core contributors and this proved that motivation empowers skills.

“Great experience at the 4th @VueStorefront hackathon. This time doing it remotely, next time together with everyone. #pwa #javascript – Max Pronko

At the end of the day, contributors added over 20 pull requests, including DX improvements for server-side scripts, and updates to the Vue Storefront Custom Theme live on Twitch. What’s even more important, participants had time to talk and party face-to-face.

Source: twitter.com/filrakowski

Vue Storefront is a Vue.js-based open source PWA project dedicated to eCommerce. By adding it online, stores enable an ultra-fast PWA experience for their customers. Vue Storefront is a standalone storefront that can be connected to any eCommerce platform’s backend, including Magento 1, Magento 2, Pimcore/CoreShop and others.

Divante is a founder and core contributor to Vue Storefront. At the same time, the community plays a crucial role in Vue Storefront’s development and growth across the world.

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