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Open Loyalty with a new client every week

Agata Młodawska
Open Loyalty with a new client every week

This year has started successfully for Open Loyalty. The platform is constantly evolving and attracting new clients.

The last couple of months have brought a lot of interest in Open Loyalty. We’ve got hundreds of questions. In January we started working with 5 new clients. Apart from this, we’re about to start 12 new projects. Open Loyalty attracts clients from different industries - Travel, Insurance, IT, Fashion and even Gambling. It’s surprising how different the regions are - Europe, Asia, North America and Africa.

I am glad that more and more companies are testing and choosing Open Loyalty. We are doing our best to make the product better. We treat each of our clients as a partner with whom we develop the best open source loyalty platform - says Karol Bzik, Product Owner of Open Loyalty.

In addition, at the end of this quarter, the next project is going public. This is an app for the leading company from the footwear industry. The client wanted to expand its loyalty program, but it wasn’t easy with an old app. The Open Loyalty team has refreshed the former loyalty system and enriched it with new functionalities.

In addition to this, we’re working on three big projects. One of them is a big project for an insurance company -  the analysts are working on a new concept including gamification features.

 The last couple of months was also extremely intensive for the Open Loyalty team in the area of product development. In January we started the Open Loyalty Cloud Edition. This change simplified access to the up-to-date version of Open Loyalty - now the clients can easier develop proof of concepts of their loyalty applications.

The package in the Cloud Edition ensures hosting and maintenance of the application - thanks to this the product is easily scalable. Also, the clients don’t have to remember about updates. The cloud loyalty model is safer too.

Cloud isn’t the only change that has happened recently. We’re also working on making Open Loyalty easier to develop and customize at the client’s end.












If you want to test Open Loyalty or learn more about how our loyalty management platform can improve your business -  visit Open Loyalty website and contact us.

Agata Młodawska

Agata Młodawska

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