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Open Loyalty announces a new program for startups

Agata Młodawska
Open Loyalty announces a new program for startups

We’ve just started a new program related to customer loyalty. Now, startups can take advantage of Open Loyalty by building their own products.

Open Loyalty for Startups is a new program focused on startups that can greatly benefit by loyalty management or customer engagement. This program is done by startups for startups. 

We decided to fund Open Loyalty for Startups because we believe that our product base, originally developed for commercial loyalty programs, can be a useful base for various applications where we interact with customers. We want to unleash the power behind Symfony3 and Elastic matched in Open Loyalty and empower great startup ideas. If you have an idea for a startup and you’re looking for a powerful set of technologies which can power your idea - just let us know! We would be more than happy to allow you to experiment with our product as a component of yours. We believe that Open Loyalty can help you deliver your MVP faster than building your startup from scratch - says Karol Bzik, Product Owner of Open Loyalty.

Open Loyalty is usually used for eCommerce loyalty modules, full loyalty programs for off-line and on-line, motivational programs for sales departments and customer care programs with the mobile application. However, Open Loyalty can be also used as a:

  1. Back-end for a mobile application;
  2. Customer web portal with engagement elements;
  3. CRM component with the ability to set rules and conditions based on behavioral history;
  4. Central database for IoT startups.

Startups owners can use 3 fully customizable cockpits that Open Loyalty offers:

Admin Cockpit - for an administrator of an application

Client Cockpit - a base for a web portal for customers, which can also be transformed into a mobile application;

POS Cockpit - the mobile web application prepared for off-line stores as an access point for merchants.

The application can be easily integrated with any external system (eCommerce, ERP, CMS) thanks to its wide API. Open Loyalty is based on the experience gained working on eCommerce projects for companies like ING Bank, Odlo.com, Loods5, and Intersport. Apart from being a better business offer with the full enterprise license for Open Loyalty, startups that qualify for the program receive consultancy on how to use Open Loyalty as a base for their startup idea. To enter the Open Loyaty for Startups program register here.  

Agata Młodawska

Agata Młodawska

Content Marketing Manager at