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Open Loyalty 4.0 enters a new wave of Asian expansion

Open Loyalty 4.0 enters a new wave of Asian expansion

Open Loyalty is customer loyalty software developed by the Divante eCommerce Software House. The last few years proved that it is an exceptional solution for dedicated loyalty applications for globally operating companies. Particular interest was shown by Asian companies and agencies that used Open Loyalty to create long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Only last month, Open Loyalty was implemented by two leading financial institutions based in Vietnam and China.

“The Asian market is huge and all the businesses in this area are growing from a junior state to a mature state. In order to survive among the millions of other businesses, serving customers well and treasuring customers' loyalty is a must-have nowadays. The growth of the Fintech and E-commerce markets, as well as the tourism industry, leads to the increased awareness for a loyalty software which on one hand will fit loyalty strategy, and on the other, will handle a rapidly growing number of customers on a daily basis.” - Terry Pham, Head of Delivery at ITC Group

Open Loyalty 4.0

Partnering with global leaders brought our team important insights into creating the ultimate loyalty solution. And so, for the past 5 months, our eCommerce and loyalty experts have been working hard to develop a new, remodeled version of Open Loyalty.

Thanks to their engagement, Open Loyalty 4.0 is faster, easily scalable and ready for traffic peaks, and thus is a stable and trusted solution for fast-growing, global companies.

“Our Core Team focused on delivering the best possible experience for developers by introducing many advanced but easy-to-use architecture patterns, making Open Loyalty more friendly for extensions.“ - Cezary Olejarczyk CTO, Open Loyalty

The most significant benefits available in Open Loyalty 4.0 include:

  • The highest performance and excellent scalability - with the new OL 4.0 you can scale up to 15 mln customers or sales picks with 120 transactions per second seamlessly;

  • Lower barrier to entry for developers - thanks to improved architecture, a person new to the system can start working on it in a short period of time;

  • Easily run and access big data analytics - with the improved BI Cockpit, you can analyze users behaviors and truly use the power of omnichannel analytics;

  • Top-notch performance on mobile and desktop - guaranteed by upgrading the Client Cockpit with a new PWA application that can be used as a base for building a members portal.

All changes are available exclusively in the Enterprise Edition of Open Loyalty software. Comprehensive information on Open Loyalty 4.0 and license restrictions is available here.

Open Loyalty’s expansion on Asian markets

Since the very beginning, Open Loyalty has demonstrated its readiness and attractiveness for Asian markets. Major agencies, like MotherApp,  Scan Trust, ITC Group and Densu, have entered into partnership with Open Loyalty and have implemented the solution for their clients, representing worldwide leaders of eCommerce.

The freshly released version of Open Loyalty is adjusted to the specific needs of global companies and so, in time-to-come, we expect to see a rise in its popularity.

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